Statera River Cruise – Montreal: Immersive Projection Exhibition

Montreal -Immersive Projection Exhibition Come nightfall, Statera – The 104th Island in the Sorel Island archipelago – in Montreal, Canada, lights up the night skies with a one-of-a-kind multimedia adventure extolling the virtual tale of life on the St. Lawrence River over the past 1,000 years. This large-scale immersive projection exhibition features an animated, interactive …Read More

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MSG sphere las vegas, las vegas sphere, msg dome vegas

MSG Sphere Las Vegas

Bringing the absolute cutting edge of technology to the entertainment world, MSG Sphere Las Vegas is ready to redefine the very notion of live entertainment, sending the industry a quantum leap forward into the future thanks to revolutionary MSG Sphere Technology. Brought to Las Vegas by the New-York-based Madison Square Garden Company, the giant 360° Projection Sphere is a dome-shaped,18,000 …Read More

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Futuristic Uses of Immersive Virtual Reality Event Domes

“Immersive large-scale Full-Dome VR Environments Have the Capacity to Affect Positive Social Outcomes in the Human Consciousness Movement.”  — Pacific Domes, Inc. The Next Wave of VR Entertainment & Education So how does the futuristic VR dome environment differ from our current definition of immersive virtual reality? Pacific Domes and team partners Obscura Digital and …Read More

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Sound Healing Dome 2

Mobile Fulldome Projection Theaters: Immersive Intelligence Art Installations

“Innertainment VR Domes Empower YOUR Story, Your Art!”— Pacific Domes, Inc. Imagine taking your art to an entirely new level with the power of VR projection mapping technology! It’s the blending of virtual space and biological space. The coming together of immersive intelligence technology and biology. Mobile Fulldome Projection theaters provide the perfect venue to …Read More

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The Projection Dome at MoMA PS1: Host to Eclectic Sunday Events

VW Sunday Sessions at MoMA PS1 New York’s highly acclaimed MoMA PS1 Multimedia Projection Dome is a real-time live performance immersive experience that continues to captivate young and old with eclectic performances. Embracing a variety of art forms through music, dance, storytelling, conversations and film, the Sunday Sessions program invites audiences to engage with our contemporary …Read More

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Los Angeles Times Festival of Books Multimedia Show – Fulldome Projection Theater

360 Multimedia Shows The magic of a multimedia show fulldome projection theater provides an experience audiences look forward to and talk about long after the event is over. Fulldome projection theaters transport viewers to both real and imagined worlds thru spectacular 360° multimedia shows. The best part? Everyone has the best seat in the house… …Read More

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360 Projection Spheres: Everyone’s Got the Best Seat in the House

360 IMAX Projection Sphere “It’s no longer just about what’s happening on stage, it’s about what’s happening inside the entire audience.” ― James Dolan, Ceo of Madison Square Gardens The Madison Square Garden (MSG) Projection ‘Sphere’ begins with the story of a couple of visionaries, who overcame entertainment industry challenges by envisioning a continuum of …Read More

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Projection Dome 5

Cultural Storytelling in the Vortex Dome™: It’s Big, It’s Immersive!

“Larger Scale Immersive VR Dome Environments Have the Capacity to Affect Positive Social Outcomes in the Human Consciousness Movement”.  — Pacific Domes, Inc. What if you could harness the power of people’s sensory inputs and take them on an immersive, multi-sensory journey? Setting the stage for eclectic storytelling performances, the Los Angeles Center Studios Vortex …Read More

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Mobile Immersive Projection Domes for Experiential Marketing

Mobile Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Projection Domes by Pacific Domes “Our VR Projection Domes are dedicated to the advancement of Highly Immersive Virtual Environments for experiential marketing, entertainment & education technology.” ― Pacific Domes, Inc. Welcome to the persuasive power of immersive projection domes!  Activating every sense, VR (Virtual Reality) & AR (Augmented Reality) …Read More

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projection-pacific domes

VR Projection Magic: Host Your Next Spectacular Event in a Dome!

VR Projection Theaters by Pacific Domes Inc. “We Bring Years of Industry Expertise in Creating Spectacular Immersive Environments for Event Entertainment, Education & Experiential Marketing” — Pacific Domes Inc. Are you prepared for the future of VR Projection? Are you prepared to tell your story or host your event using the latest technological advancements in the …Read More

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Get Inspired with Festival Projection Domes

Mobile 360° Projection Mapping Event Domes by Pacific Domes, USA “Specialists in Innovative Event Hosting Solutions, Projection Mapping & Décor” — Pacific Domes Inc. A spell-binding and truly immersive multi-sensory experience awaits visitors to a 360⁰ Projection Dome designed to give everyone the best seat in the house! Through the magic of Geodesic Engineering and …Read More

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Projection Dome Theaters for Inner Journeys – Innertainment

Immersive Vaastu VR ZenDome Tents for Events “Vaastu ‘Innertainment’ HIVE ZenDomes Light Up Your Special Event! ” — Pacific Domes Inc. Portable ZenDome tents for events by Pacific Domes of Southern Oregon, offer the perfect immersive environment for a powerful multisensory ‘Innertainment’ experience. ZenDome tents for events, merge Light-Sound Healing technologies with ancient Vaastu architecture …Read More

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Comic-Con-Pacific Domes

Projection Dome Theaters: Transforming The Audience Experience

Magic Inside an Immersive 360° Projection Dome Theater Using Multimedia Projection Technology “Our immersive event domes optimize your story to impact the collective story” — Pacific Domes Inc. Projection mapping is all about displaying your images on non-flat surfaces, shaping them into amazing displays for interactive event venues to engage live audiences.  Are you aware that …Read More

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Projection Dome Theater-Pacific Domes

Projection Dome Theater: Unleash The Magic At Your Event

Immersive 360° Dome Theater Multimedia Projection Technology “Our immersive event domes optimize your story to impact the collective story” — Pacific Domes Inc. Did you know that projection mapping and the immersive world of dome theaters create the perfect event hosting environment for your next exciting event?  Projection mapping is all about displaying your images on non-flat …Read More

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