Coachella - Projection Theater by Pacific Domes

Video – Projection Domes & VR Spheres, Totally Immersive, Fully Spectacular

Projection Domes & Projection Theaters. VR Spheres. Brand, corporate and cultural events.     Explore the spectacular event spaces and experiences possible in a Projection Dome and VR Sphere. Working hand in glove with event creation and production teams, Pacific Domes provides custom design and manufacturing solutions. Our portable Event Domes, Projection Domes, Projection Theaters …Read More

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Best VR Environments: Immersive Fulldome Edutainment

“Our VR Projection Domes are dedicated to the advancement of Highly Immersive Virtual Reality Dome Environments for entertainment and education technology.” ― Pacific Domes The Best Virtual Reality (VR) Environment Beneath the fulldome theater sky, a spellbound audience sits comfortably, deeply and emotionally immersed in the unfolding storyline. This shared VR environment has a mind-altering …Read More

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(60') Game Tap Projection header

Gaming Magic: VR/AR Mobile Gaming Dome Environments for Entertainment & Education

“Your Gaming Event Partners” — Pacific Domes, Inc. It’s All About the Immersive 360° Dome Experience Mobile gaming domes are the ultimate immersive platform to showcase your latest VR/AR games. Pacific Domes believes that the future of mobile gaming is here with VR projection.  And, everyone gets the best seat in the house beneath the circle …Read More

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Baycrest-Pacific Domes

Virtual Collective Dreaming Dome At Baycrest

Crowds converged inside a spectacular Immersive Gaming Virtual Reality Dome environment, to participate in a collaborative two-part real time neurofeedback process. Guests were given the opportunity to observe their brain activity; and, based on the reading, modulate their actions using this innovative new approach. Following the initial success of the “My Virtual Dream” immersive gaming …Read More

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