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by Nikki on Pacific Domes
in a pinch

I suddenly found myself in need of a structure a week before opening and with a bit of research stumbled upon Pacific Domes. I called them up and explained my situation to Robert, who then walked me through all the options and helped find the best fit for what I needed and the quick delivery that was imperative.
We did all the paperwork and the dome was on it's way. During the transit process there was a delay and I learned my dome was not going to arrive on time. Dara did not give up and worked with the delivery company to ensure that all the parts would arrive on time as was needed.

I was so impressed with the high quality customer service ethic everyone showed me through this process. It is clear they value their product and their customers with willingness to work hard and solve problems.

The dome arrived on time (a hour early actually) and we were ready for opening day. Everyone loved the new addition and it was great to see all the smiles and curiosity as people checked out the dome for the first time.

Thanks so much for being willing to go the extra mile. It truly made all the difference.

by Rolf Dengler on Pacific Domes
Beautiful Pacific Dome Family


Today I stepped into Pacific Domes and witnessed pure power and beauty. Clearly different from the first time I walked in, but not in a negative way. Upon my first visit, I said to myself, "Wow, what an awesome company to work for". But today, upon being greeted by several smiling, conversational staff, and the amazing Jennifer, I felt like family.

If I was asked today, what your company felt like in reference to a part of nature's anatomy, it would have to be, hands down, a heart. A beautiful, life giving heart, with all of its divine anatomical features in perfect unison. I felt this from the front door where I was greeted, to the back door, with all of its music and waves, where I received your tremendous products. If one's eyes are opened wide enough, you can actually see a rainbow of colors, emanating from your structure.

So I thank you, again, as I tilt my head towards the computer screen I am typing this from right now.

You are a beautiful institution, filled with progressive, beautiful people, and you will always be in my most favorable thoughts.

Warmest salutations,

The Dengler (Rolf, Jennifer, Tayden and Crixus)