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Pacific Domes, Inc.
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 14 reviews
by Peter on Pacific Domes, Inc.
made all the difference

We chose Pacific Domes to transition from our 20-foot-wide inflatable 25-seat planetarium to a 30-seat fixed dome with twice the floor-space and seating capacity.

Pacific domes sales and technical staff were beyond professional (and patient) throughout a lengthy process during which we needed to consult numerous stakeholders in our national park.

After purchase, Pacific Domes staff walked us through our installation - cheery and understanding during each of what seemed like hundreds (probably a dozen) of calls over two days of construction.

Our dome looks great, the projection actually looks better (despite being the same projector with light having to travel farther before it reaches the dome surface) and the new structure is getting us more business by catching the eye of more walk-up traffic.

We will be coming back to Pacific Domes the next time we need to expand!

by Marisa on Pacific Domes, Inc.
If it's good enough for Thunderdome, it's good enough for you

In 1999, when we said "we need a 45' dome, and we need people to be able to climb on it", though they'd never built a dome that size before, Pac Domes answered the call. They worked with our crew to ensure that the dome would be safe for participants and crew.

We assembled the dome from the bottom up the first two years. When we completed the first build, a barefoot, nimble man ran up to the top of the dome. "I built this! It's so good to see it up!" Two years later, when it became apparent we needed a bigger diameter, we went to pac domes again. Since 2001, our dome has been sturdy, and we purchase all our replacement struts from Pac Domes. They're great, quick, and easy to work with. Thank you, PacDomes!

by Josh on Pacific Domes, Inc.
Love my dome

I’ve been living in my 30ft dome for a few years now and love it! The high ceilings and open air gives plenty of elbow room to jump around. I just recently got the zip in screen for the side vents. Big help for ventilation. Thanks Pacific Domes!!

by Jona Jordan on Pacific Domes, Inc.
Wish I knew then what I know now

We love our dome away from home in the forest. It has lasted more than 18 years now with very little need for repairs or maintenance. The only changes I would request if I could do it all over again would be 1) a square opening for the door so we could fit a proper door in there as the flap is a pain, and 2) longer bolts by 3/4 to 1" would have made assembly MUCH easier as well as giving me an inch of bolt tail to attach hangers to for suspending plants, lights, decorations, etc. Just a word to the wise! 🙂

Thank you for the wonderful review Jona! It's such a pleasure hearing feed back from a long time dome owner. Good news, we have since created a pre-hung door option for the Dwell Domes. I'm not sure the actual size of your bolts as they may have changed in the past 18 years. Currently we are using 1 3/4" fully threaded hex bolts, and can be customized to any standard size.

by Lucky on Pacific Domes, Inc.

We have three of these magical structures

We use Them for many purposes on the ranch... Green houses to living quarters

Quick to set up and very functional

by Chris Kallmyer on Pacific Domes, Inc.
Easy Build + Great Team

I worked with Pacific Domes for a public art project after I considered many other dome companies in the west. The build quality has allowed me to build the dome up and take it down multiple times on various sites in California and Oklahoma. The team is professional and easy to dialogue with - and gave me a sense that they wouldn't leave me hanging on my first dome build. I highly recommend Pacific Domes.

by Clifford Nies on Pacific Domes, Inc.
Pacific Domes are the best

Pacific Domes provides excellent products and services. Robert and his team have helped me in the most professional manner, and I am consistently pleased with my dome. I look forward to buying more domes.

by Patrick Boyle on Pacific Domes, Inc.
I highly recommend Pacfic Domes!

Robert and his team helped us with a much needed insulated liner for the interior of our home dome. Everything was great,I highly recommend Pacfic Domes!

by JAA on Pacific Domes, Inc.
Fun for preschoolers

Our preschool purchased a Pacific Dome for our playground and the children LOVE IT! It provides hours of climbing, playing house, etc. Loved being able to pick out a fun color. Assembly requires at least three adults!

by Butch Allen on Pacific Domes, Inc.

Pacific Domes created a one very special dome for a event called: Happy Place. Robert and his team created, installed, and delivered our dome in a very compressed time frame. Excellent product, and great service that continues to this day. Highly recommended. Come visit our dome in Los Angeles at LA LIVE from April 26-May 27. Experience the CONFETTI DOME in all its Pacific Domes glory for yourself;) Thanks Pacific Domes!

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