glamping domes

Create Your Own Airbnb Glamping Dome Getaway!

“Stay booked with your Airbnb Glamping Dome Tent” Pacific Domes Ordinary homeowners are reaping huge rewards due to a fresh opportunity created by current global affairs. Inspired by the call to reconnect with Nature, city folks are ready to escape out of their confined houses and breathe some fresh outdoor air in an Airbnb Glamping Read More

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art studio dome

Home Art Studio: Find Inspiration Under a Prefab Canvas Dome

“Let a Cathedral Dome Art Studio be your Canvas” ― Pacific Domes Artists often find inspiration when immersed in Nature. If you’re among those Nature-inspired artists, a prefab dome home art studio nestled on your property provides the perfect setting to lend flight to those moments of artistic expression. Surrounded by Nature, your canvas dome Read More

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Pacific Domes - AirBnb Dome

Trillium’s Woodland Dome: Artist’s Retreat for Under $15K

The Woodland Dome at Trillium is surrounded by delightful low-growing perennial Trilliums that bloom abundantly in northwest Oregon’s pristine forests. Michael Brightwood, a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, wanted to create an artist’s dome retreat, where he and his family could get away and immerse themselves in Nature. “You are walking through a garden, with flowers of Read More

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Raising Nature Smart Children: Outdoor Classroom Learning

“No child left inside” — Pacific Domes Nurturing Naturalistic Intelligence in the Outdoor Classroom It goes without saying that every parent wishes the best for their children. Did you know that being Nature Smart – the naturalist intelligence, is recognized by educators as the 8th intelligence? And, that as our most ancient intelligence, raising Nature Read More

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Eco Dome Classroom Nature Smart - Pacific Domes

Five Benefits of a Geodome Greenhouse: Nature Smart Eco-Classrooms

  “Building Sustainable Communities Through Spontaneous Co-operation” — Pacific Domes Inc. Teaching Sustainability Education in Geodome Greenhouses What is a Nature Smart Geodome Greenhouse Eco-Classroom? If humanity hopes to have a sustainable future, it’s now more critical than ever to get involved in nature-enhanced educational programs that rebalance the world of technology with the natural Read More

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Education in Greenhouse Dome - Pacific Domes

The Learning Garden: Outdoor Classrooms to End Nature-Deficit Disorder

“Learning Gardens contribute to healthier, happier and smarter kids” — Pacific Domes, Inc. For parents raising families in this device-driven digital age, persuading your kids to spend time outdoors can prove challenging. Oftentimes, simple solutions prove to be the best solutions. An outdoor classroom Learning Garden introduces simple solutions to get kids to love spending Read More

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Climbing Domes - Pacific Domes

Best Activity Dome Climbers – Create a Floor to Ceiling Playground

Harness the Power of the Activity Dome Climbing Jungle Gym The value of exercise is now widely recognized and what better time to take advantage of sheltering in place than during the recent stay-at-home pandemic? Freestanding activity dome climbers become a fun-filled attraction for energetic toddlers, school-age children and adolescents to build muscles, develop critical Read More

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