360 Projection Spheres: Everyone’s Got the Best Seat in the House

360 IMAX Projection Sphere

It’s no longer just about what’s happening on stage, it’s about what’s happening inside the entire audience.” ― James Dolan, CEO of Madison Square Gardens

The Madison Square Garden (MSG) Projection ‘Sphere’ begins with the story of a couple of visionaries, who overcame entertainment industry challenges by envisioning a continuum of possibilities; thereby, launching a new form of ‘sphere technology’ that has succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Immersive ‘Sphere’ technology is a game-changer for event venues and concertgoers.

One of the things that is unique about the ‘Sphere’ is its geo-engineered architecture; that can be designed in any size, from huge town-square sized monolithic structures to smaller home-domes. The dome sphere is assembled, rather than built, from prefabricated modular triangles that give it unparalleled strength.

Obscura Dome Sphere
40 foot projection sphere at Madison Square Gardens, NY. Pacific Domes Projection Sphere

Welcome to the Future of Audio Technology

In a constructive way, the MSG Sphere is disruptive, in that it transforms an old paradigm by sending sound directly to a specific location, rather than blasting it over speakers. This technology, known as ‘beamforming audio’, gives everyone the best seat in the house through digitally focused beams.

In a traditional stereo system, you only get the best sound when you are right dab in the middle. If you move to either side, you’ve lost the imaging.

Here’s what music industry mogul, Irving Azoff, had to say at a recent unveiling by MSG CEO, James Dolan in New York, simultaneously airing in Los Angeles:

“This venue will pioneer the next generation of immersive experiences and revolutionize the way artists and their audiences connect.”

Obscura dome sphere rendering
Artist rendering of the MSG Sphere Arena coming to Las Vegas in 2020

It takes the definition of ‘interactive’ to new heights, with game-changing technologies that push the very limits of connectivity for the ultimate audio-visual experience for concerts, sports events and trades shows, like none other.” ―Irving Azoff

Sphere technology projects sound, in whatever width or height you want it to be, much the same way as a laser or spotlight. Developed by Holoplot, a German company, the projection system will be installed in the new 18,000 seat capacity MSG Sphere arena, scheduled to open in Las Vegas in 2020.

What’s so cool, is that an audience in one section can experience images and music that are quite different from those experienced by an audience in another section. For example, at an international symposium event, a French speaking section can hear content translated into their own language.

Underwater performance
An example of an “underwater” performance at MSG Sphere

Rendering of the interior of the 18,000-seat MSG Sphere Arena to be built in Las Vegas (Madison Square Garden Company)

With ‘Sphere’, which breaks ground later this year near the Sands Venetian and Palazzo complex in Las Vegas, the company aims at transforming experiential events and concerts with features that include Internet at each seat, bass pumped through floorboards and screens that stretch across the entire domed projection sphere. This allows attendees to create interactive experiences with performers and presenters on stage; and, to share what is happening on stage with friends on social media.

VR Projection Domes

VR Projection Domes are designed to give everyone the best IMAX seat in the house! Through the magic of Geodesic Engineering and the medium of Immersion Technology along with projection mapping, portable 360⁰ Projection Domes create a rich environment for the benefit and enjoyment of all audiences.

360° VR projection tent domes for outdoor theaters and planetariums play a key role in the future of interactive entertainment and education, inviting live audiences to make deeper connections with the world around them through dynamic group energy. The open space of the dome theater provides the perfect spatial entertainment and educational platform for shared human interactions.

Pacific Domes is an award-winning global manufacturer of mobile VR 360 Projection Dome & Projection Sphere Theaters & , proudly serving the Event Industry for decades. In partnership with Obscura Digital, Pacific Domes built this 120  ft. geodesic dome theater for Coachella Music & Arts Festival 2017.