Event Projection Dome Theaters: Latest Event Marketing Trend

“The Future of VR has an Exciting Future with the Event Industry” by Pacific Domes

Virtual Reality (VR) technology, along with rave consumer demand, is advancing at an incredible pace. The emergence of VR Theater platforms as a venue has totally revolutionized the Event Industry – and, Projection Dome Theaters are raising the bar and leading the way.

Projection Dome Features

Freestanding Event Projection Domes are much in demand as temporary structures to provide relief from the outdoor elements. Worth mentioning, is that a dome’s geodesic-engineering is like having an insurance policy against nature’s extremes! Event Domes are known for their portability, durability and ease of set-up – as well as, their iconic, crowd-drawing features that make them an instant attraction.

The spherical design of a VR Theater Dome encapsulates the largest volume of interior space with the least amount of surface area and is suited to all types of terrains. When the dome’s diameter is doubled it will quadruple its square footage and yield eight times the volume, thus saving on materials and cost –while ensuring a light eco-footprint.

360 degree projection dome by Pacific domes

Your Marketing Strategy Deserves the Best

VR Event Projection Domes are rapidly changing the Event Industry landscape. Pacific Domes durable translucent dome covers won’t leave anyone out in the cold – allowing your theme to be visible from both inside and outside.

VR Projection Dome Cinematic Theaters have a superlative capacity for projection and lighting innovation and the spherical design naturally amplifies sound. A 360° Cinema Virtual Reality Theater Dome creates an awesome sense of space that provides an effective setting for your marketing strategy.

projection dome theaters from pacific domes or oregon

Mobile Event Projection Domes are all about the immersive and interactive spatial 360° Cinema projection experience. Pacific Domes teams up with industry leaders to provide a fetching complement to Event Projection Domes. For Example: Obscura Digital and Vortex Immersion Media, are experts at teleporting audiences to spectacular immersive audio-visual heights. 

Through revolutionary and powerful technology, Pacific Domes provides the perfect Virtual Reality Theater Dome venue. Your viewers will be surrounded by IMAX size images, lending exceptional creative possibilities to ensure that your Image Branding will remain the focal point of your presentation – and, leave your audience with a memorable impression long after the event is over. 

Audi A3 Experience in a spectacular Event Projection Dome…

Virtual Reality technology is constantly evolving and opening up new frontiers of exploration for Projection Domes, challenging us to go where we have never gone before. NFC (Near Field Communication) has been a game changer in event technology, taking it to the next level in making events much more interactive and increasing attendee engagement and satisfaction.  A perfect example – “The Audi A3 Experience!”

Projection dome theaters by pacific domes of Oregon

It was a truly spectacular event, really impressive and never seen before in Spain. The show was held in a Pacific Domes Event Projection Dome to publicize its new A3 Sportback… the automobile brand’s stunning audiovisual spectacular, combining 360° projections, 3D mapping and Showmaster Control.  The event was first staged in Plaza de Colón in Madrid, and later moved to, Plaza de Cataluña in Barcelona. Between Madrid and Barcelona, around 25,000 people were able to participate in the Audi A3 Experience. 

A true landmark of modern geodesic-engineering, this portable IMAX-size Virtual Reality Theater Dome was designed and created by US manufacturer, Pacific Domes using a sophisticated negative pressure system that vanishes the metal structure to create an 800-square meter seamless integration screen. 

Printed Event Tent for Audi Motors by Pacific Domes

Audi always looks for excellence in the events it organizes. The unveiling of the Audi A3 Experience in a spectacular Pacific Domes Event Projection Dome was a stunning panoramic audiovisual show with 360° projection & 3D mapping. 

Event Tents for Rent, Dome event tent for Audi Motors

Audi A3 Experience, Barcelona, Spain – The Experience of Transforming Virtual to Real…

The show opened in pitch darkness before an offstage voice announced the start—at which point, the rings of the Audi logo were lit up one by one. Then, various flashes of light appeared using 3D mapping which were gradually connected together to create countless light cubes that formed the first complete image of the stage. Next, fast-moving lines appeared from right to left, drawing the outline of the new Audi A3 Sportback.  Finally, the panel hiding the Audi A3 Sportback, and on which its silhouette was projected, was slowly withdrawn to reveal the real car. 

The idea was to create the sensation of virtual reality!…

When the car was started, it revolved in a circle and turned to face the audience; the parking lights were turned on to create the idea of movement, in such a way that it seemed as if it were moving forward through an abstract world of lines, spirals and tunnels projected onto the stage. Once the Audi A3 Sportback emerged from the tunnel, the viewing audience found themselves in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, filmed in 360°, which were projected on the screen and reflected on the body of the car. The new Audi A3 Sportback was combined with pre-recorded images of the cities to give the sensation of driving around them.

A lasting impression…

The audiences at the event were bowled over by the quality and originality of the show. The show itself lasted eight-minutes and was screened a minimum of 20-times each day – from 11 in the morning until 9 at night. The impression the public took away with them was that of having been part of an immersive audiovisual experience.

Event Dome Tents by Pacific Domes

Reasons Why Event Organizers Choose Pacific Domes

The Pacific Domes Design and Project Management Teams are experts in their field and work closely with your renderings to create a multimedia work of art that will have a lasting impact.

To name a few of the custom range of interactive experiences & technologies:

  • 3-D camera driven displays
  • Live streaming displays
  • Gesture interactive multi-touch displays
  • Tablets & Smart phone driven interactive devices
  • Immersive experiences with technology and media include:
  • Full-dome Immersive programming
  • 3-D projection mapping
  • Digital Theming
  • 3-D Holographic Displays
  • Projection Spheres & Immersive LED Video display technologies

Made in the USA

The manufacturing company has a commanding presence in developing & delivering award-winning projects around the globe. With 40+ years of industry expertise, Pacific Domes has pioneered the Golden Age of Geodesic Engineering to capture the 360° VR Cinema Event Market. When your event depends on a timely delivery, you can sleep easy knowing that geodesic-engineered portable domes by Pacific Domes has an outstanding track record.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, a key takeaway is that the future of Virtual Reality environments is here to stay! Why not take your next event to the next level with the fetching combination of VR environments and projection domes!

Your spectacular event is just a phone call away! Pacific Domes invites you to consult with one of our friendly Customer Support Representatives today!


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Made in the USA by Pacific Domes of Southern Oregon, Projection Domes are much in demand, proving that the future of Virtual Reality environments is truly here to stay!


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