Best Space-Age Greenhouse Domes: Backyard Farm-to-Table Food

“An outdoor geodesic dome can house the system, and we enjoy maximum yields from little labor. It’s an ethical way to make healthy, quality food, affordable and profitable.”  ― Erik Oberholtzer, Co-founder of Tender Greens Restaurants Were you aware that free-standing geodesic domes make great all-season greenhouses? Thanks to advances in space-age technology, growing your …Read More

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Navajo Nation Bio-Dome

Pacific Domes of Oregon, builders of the worlds best Geodesic Domes for use as Industrial Grow Dome or as Backyard Greenhouse Domes. Pacific Domes recently supplied the Navajo Nation with a state of the art Bio-Dome, which will aid them as they tackle complex community health problems. Located in one of the most isolated regions …Read More

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