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Epic Alpine Ski Resorts: Eco-Dome Pods & Igloos…

“Leading the way in eco-resort glamping” ― Pacific Domes The Ultimate Snow Glamping Adventure! Welcome to the coolest alpine ski resorts ever! Demonstrating that hospitality and environmental stewardship walk hand-in-hand to create an extraordinary snow glamping (glamorous camping) experience, eco-dome pods and snow igloos are leading the way in eco-conscious lodging! Strewn across the majestic …Read More

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Trillium’s Woodland Dome: Artist’s Retreat for Under $15K

“You are walking through a garden, with flowers of all kinds around you.  There are clouds above and grass beneath” ― excerpt from Emberleigh’s Guided Meditation, written at age 10 The Woodland Dome at Trillium is surrounded by delightful low-growing perennial Trilliums that bloom abundantly in northwest Oregon’s pristine forests. Michael Brightwood, a Biodynamic Craniosacral …Read More

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Unique Eco Hospitality Lodging: Prefab Eco Resort Housing for Sale

Portable Ecoliving Zen Dome Shelter Systems for Sale or Rent by Pacific Domes Ecoliving Zen Domes offer Sustainability & Co-operation with Nature” — Pacific Domes Inc. Congratulations! After scouring the internet for the right eco resort housing, you’ve finally arrived at the perfect sustainable remote lodging solution. Pacific Domes Eco Resort Housing for Sale: You’ve …Read More

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Hotel Whitepod-The Best Glamping Site Shelters In Switzerland

Providing the best glamping site shelters in the world, the White Pod Ski Resort in Monthey, Switzerland has capitalized on the affordable shelter dome prices Pacific Domes provides. This private Alpine winter eco-resort nestled in the majestic snow-laden Swiss Alps, offers individual, group or honeymoon stays featuring 15 spacious geodome ‘pods’. Everyone looks forward to relaxing …Read More

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5 Event Marketing – Winter Eco Resorts in the World of Igloo Domes

Innovative Product Branding & Winter Eco-Resort Business Opportunities “Magic happens inside Igloo Domes… they become the hub of every ski resort!” ― Pacific Domes Ice hotels and Ice bars, aka Igloo Domes, have been met with enthusiastic public reviews that are reaping financial rewards for Event Marketers, Eco-Resorts and Winter Sports Eco-Tourism. The latest entrepreneurial …Read More

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