4 Sale Tent Shelters for Eco-Adventure Camps & Glamping Resorts


Trendsetting ZenDome Tent Shelters for Sale or Rent by Pacific Domes

“Wherever you may wander, there’s no place like dome”
Pacific Domes Inc.

Nature Smart ZenDome tent shelters for Eco-adventure camps are going global, riding the wave of growing popularity in Eco-Hospitality Glamping Resorts (glamorous camping). Eco-adventure camps are getting a ‘chic’ makeover with portable geo-engineered ZenDome tent shelter kits for sale or rent by Pacific Domes of Oregon.

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AT Glisten Camping in the UK, the whole family feels at home in a dome

Nature Smart ZenDomes make it possible for both young and old to experience the ‘joy of camping in the great outdoors’ without ‘roughing it’ or sacrificing those cozy creature comforts. Setting the trend towards responsible eco-tourism, ZenDome tent shelters for Eco-adventure camps allow access to off-the beaten-path glamping areas, inviting the entire family or kindred spirits to take a break from ‘technology overload’ and enjoy the awesome wonders of Mother Nature.

ZenDomes by Pacific Domes are about getting more folks outdoors to reconnect with nature. With a nominal investment, eco-living ZenDome tent shelters for Adventure Camps and Glamping Resorts offer unlimited income opportunities for entrepreneurs, land-owners, and local economies to get enthused about Nature Smart tourism… Pacific Domes can help! Here are just a few helpful ideas…

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Fun in a glamping dome, 20′

The Opportunity