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Adventures in the Highlands
From African Safari's to Bolivian Mountains

Getting close to nature is the goal of every outdoor vacation. From an African Safari in Tanzania (where animals are viewed not killed) to an Amazing Escape on the 14,000 ft high salt flats of Bolivia - our new eco-resorts are sprouting up all over the globe. What is your favorite place on the planet? You can start your own eco retreat!

Asilia Affrica Domes

The Highlands Safari at Asilia Africa

Enjoy a true wilderness experience, on the edge of the forest, in the popular Ngorongoro Crater Conserve. A striking and luxurious Pacific Domes camp, designed for Asilia Africa, is a perfect balance between wild and elegant escapes.


Amazing Escapes Domes

Amazing Escapes Domes - Bolivia

Located in Bolivia, near the crest of the Andes at an elevation of 11, 995 feet, the Bolivia Salt Flats, known locally as the Salar de Uyuni, stretch over 4,000 square miles.


Ascape Podz Dome Home

Escape Podz Dome - St. Ives, England

We are fortunate to build Dome Shelters for the top Eco-tourism Retreats and Glamping Sites across the globe, including this beautiful dome.


Mile End Glamping Dome

Mile End Glamping Dome - Austrailia

Mile End offers a top-notch glamping experience. First they start by providing guests with a very special lodging experience. Their gorgeous 30’ Luxury Pacific Dome is welcoming, spotlessly clean and stylishly decorated.


Fforest Dome Camp

Fforest Geo Dome Camp - UK

Pacific Domes helped LuluLemon elevate yogic practices at Wanderlust to a new level within a 44-foot geodesic yoga dome, using the same geometry at the root of heavenly spheres and the molecules of your body. Many healers use domes because they believe that geometry helps reorganize the cells of the body and hence improve health and creativity. The dome can remove stray electromagnetic waves by grounding the metal structure into the earth.