Eco Camp Patagonia

Glamping Adventures – Basecamps Around the World

“Nature sustains us while adventure basecamps encourage community spirit.” — Pacific Domes During these uncertain times, many people eager to escape months of enforced self-isolation, are flocking to safe outdoor activities and opting to spend time immersed in the heart of Nature ‒ they’re discovering adventure basecamps for the very first time. If you’re among Read More

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4 Sale Tent Shelters for Eco-Adventure Camps & Glamping Resorts

  Trendsetting ZenDome Tent Shelters for Sale or Rent by Pacific Domes “The future will belong to the Nature-Smart, those individuals, families, businesses and political leaders, who develop a deeper understanding of the transformative power of the natural world; and, who balance the virtual with the real. The more high-tech we become, the more nature Read More

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The Highlands - Asilia Africa - Pacific-Domes

ZenDome Glamping Around the World: 5 Eclectic Eco-Hotel Destinations

“The dome is a resonating structure that attunes us to the Universal Energy” ― Vaastu architect, Michael Borden The ultimate Nature get-away experience of a lifetime awaits you! Found scattered amidst Nature’s most spectacular sceneries, ZenDome glamping packages are now numbered among the world’s most popular eco-travel destinations. Offering the amenities of eco-resort hospitality in Read More

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Faith Glamping Domes: The NASA Inspired Costa Rican Hotel

If your heart yearns for an exotic getaway overlooking pristine, white-sandy beaches, you’re sure to fall in love with Faith Glamping Domes (FGD), the Costa Rican luxury camping hotel inspired by NASA. Immersed in the lush biodiversity of the Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge, Playa Grande, Costa Rica is a romantic spot where one can de-stress Read More

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Omdome Harmonic Architecture Dome

The Harmonic Architecture of Geodesic Domes

New research conducted by a team of architects and neuroscientists strongly suggests that the harmonic architecture found in geodesic domes may indeed have measurable effects in promoting more positive mental states. Additionally, recent data from the study of physics and molecular biology explains and validates the environmental influence of shapes on human beings, demonstrating that human brain Read More

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