Terraforming 5

Terraforma – Global Biosphere Projects Demonstrating Sustainable & Regenerative Solutions (Part 2)

Sustainability – one of the buzzwords used when envisioning a healthy, thriving planet – would have been a good option if we had adopted sustainable practices a half-century ago. With an accelerated decline for at least the past century, the environment needs a serious overhaul, and sustainable practices aren’t enough to turn this train around …Read More

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terraforming 3

Terraforma – Global Biosphere Projects Demonstrating Sustainable & Regenerative Solutions (Part 1)

As far as geologists can discern, there have been 5 previous mass extinctions on planet Earth. Scientists warn that the 6th mass extinction is happening now. The Holocene Extinction, otherwise referred to as the Sixth Mass Extinction (Anthropocene Extinction), is the ongoing extinction event of species, mainly as a result of human activity. Prelude to …Read More

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Futuristic Uses of Immersive Virtual Reality Event Domes

“Immersive large-scale Full-Dome VR Environments Have the Capacity to Affect Positive Social Outcomes in the Human Consciousness Movement.”  — Pacific Domes, Inc. The Next Wave of VR Entertainment & Education So how does the futuristic VR dome environment differ from our current definition of immersive virtual reality? Pacific Domes and team partners Obscura Digital and …Read More

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What Is Glamping?

If you’re new to the concept of glamping, you’ve come to the right place to learn more about one of the trendiest eco-lodging camping stays on the planet!  What is Glamping? Glamping (glamourous camping) affords you an unforgettable experience in some of the most breathtaking and off-the-beaten-path Nature escapes. If you love trekking to remote …Read More

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Education in Greenhouse Domes-Pacific Domes

The Learning Garden: Outdoor Classrooms to End Nature-Deficit Disorder

“Learning Gardens are outdoor classrooms, engaging learning environments where kids learn about math, science, entrepreneurship, and above all else, real food.” ― Kimbal Musk, Co-founder & CEO of Big Green “Our results speak for themselves —98% of teachers agree that Learning Gardens increase their students’ knowledge of healthy foods, and 93% tell us that their students …Read More

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Sound Healing Dome 2

Mobile Fulldome Projection Theaters: Immersive Intelligence Art Installations

“Innertainment VR Domes Empower YOUR Story, Your Art!”— Pacific Domes, Inc. Imagine taking your art to an entirely new level with the power of VR projection mapping technology! It’s the blending of virtual space and biological space. The coming together of immersive intelligence technology and biology. Mobile Fulldome Projection theaters provide the perfect venue to …Read More

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The Projection Dome at MoMA PS1: Host to Eclectic Sunday Events

VW Sunday Sessions at MoMA PS1 New York’s highly acclaimed MoMA PS1 Multimedia Projection Dome is a real-time live performance immersive experience that continues to captivate young and old with eclectic performances. Embracing a variety of art forms through music, dance, storytelling, conversations and film, the Sunday Sessions program invites audiences to engage with our contemporary …Read More

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Los Angeles Times Festival of Books Multimedia Show – Fulldome Projection Theater

360 Multimedia Shows The magic of a multimedia show fulldome projection theater provides an experience audiences look forward to and talk about long after the event is over. Fulldome projection theaters transport viewers to both real and imagined worlds thru spectacular 360° multimedia shows. The best part? Everyone has the best seat in the house… …Read More

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Amazing Futuristic Architecture: Could Geodesic Domes be the Buildings of the Future?

It’s no longer something you see in Star Trek or some sci-fi movie! Amazing futuristic architecture is happening now, and you’re likely to live long enough to see dreams, once considered far-off future goals, realized. Soon you, too, can be living the life of your dreams! According some futuristic companies, such as Pacific Domes International, …Read More

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