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Urban Placemaking: A Kids Playground Climbing Gym & Ropes Course Dome

Playground Climbing Gyms “Geodome Climbers help kids develop hand-eye coordination in a fun-filled way.” — Pacific Domes Inc. With community-based participation at its core, the art of Placemaking can be defined as “creating uplifting public places that connect us to each other and nurture health, happiness and well-being.”  What better place to start than with …Read More

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360 Projection Spheres: Everyone’s Got the Best Seat in the House

360 IMAX Projection Sphere “It’s no longer just about what’s happening on stage, it’s about what’s happening inside the entire audience.” ― James Dolan, Ceo of Madison Square Gardens The Madison Square Garden (MSG) Projection ‘Sphere’ begins with the story of a couple of visionaries, who overcame entertainment industry challenges by envisioning a continuum of …Read More

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Tiny House Pop-Up: 2-Story Off-Grid Dwell Dome

“Make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or disadvantage to anyone.”  ― Buckminster Fuller 2-Story Pop-Up Off-Grid House: Minimal DIY Construction Skills Needed   It’s self-supporting and stronger than a conventional house! Did you know that you can erect your own 2-story off-grid …Read More

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Romantic Valentine’s Eco-Hospitality Glamping Escapes

Dreaming of leaving the concrete jungle behind for a romantic get-away with your Valentine to reconnect, re-energize and rekindle that flame? Welcome to the Nature-inspired world of eco glamping resorts (aka glamorous camping). One of the hottest trends in Eco-Hospitality is ZenDome Glamping. No need to leave those creature comforts behind, either… you’ll absolutely delight …Read More

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Cultural Storytelling in the Vortex Dome™: It’s Big, It’s Immersive!

“Larger Scale Immersive VR Dome Environments Have the Capacity to Affect Positive Social Outcomes in the Human Consciousness Movement”.  — Pacific Domes, Inc. What if you could harness the power of people’s sensory inputs and take them on an immersive, multi-sensory journey? Setting the stage for eclectic storytelling performances, the Los Angeles Center Studios Vortex …Read More

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The Telaithrion Project – EVS “Free and Real” Healing and Yoga Dome

Telaithrion Project: Free & Real Joins EVS Program It’s official! The Telaithrion Project – “Free and Real” has joined the European Voluntary Service (EVS) community of collaborative organizations, who are responsible for recruiting volunteers for various worthwhile ‘hands-on learning’ projects within their membership. How does EVS work? EVS is a partnership between two or more promoting …Read More

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ZenDome Glamping Around the World: 5 Eclectic Eco-Hotel Destinations

The experience of a lifetime awaits you! Found scattered amidst Nature’s most spectacular views, ZenDome glamping get-away packages are now numbered among the world’s most popular eco-hotel destinations. ZenDome glamping (glamorous camping) is about getting more folks outdoors to reconnect with nature and to their true essence. Zendome Glamping Tour of 5 Eclectic Eco-Hotels… What’s …Read More

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Buckminster Fuller Envisioned a Utopian Future for Humanity… A Tribute to a True Visionary Leader

“We are called to be architects of the future.” ―  R. Buckminster Fuller Buckminster Fuller blazed a trail for others to follow through his life’s work as a prolific researcher, inventor, writer and teacher. The driving force behind Fuller’s contributions was the principle that the world must work for 100% of humanity. Born in Milton, …Read More

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