telaithrion Free & Real Ecovillage

Ecovillages: Their Positive Impact on Society

“Intentional Communities Create Better Lives.” ― Intentional Today, thousands of ecovillages model deliberate solutions for responsible earth stewardship. As earth faces a 6th mass extinction event, ecovillages offer proactive approaches to help restore and foster the delicate balance of earth’s ecosystems – so, we, humans can continue to thrive – not just survive. What, …Read More

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Terraforming 5

Terraforma – Global Biosphere Projects Demonstrating Sustainable & Regenerative Solutions (Part 2)

Sustainability – one of the buzzwords used when envisioning a healthy, thriving planet – would have been a good option if we had adopted sustainable practices a half-century ago. With an accelerated decline for at least the past century, the environment needs a serious overhaul, and sustainable practices aren’t enough to turn this train around …Read More

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Intentional Dome EcoVillage Micro-Communities: Co-Creating a New Paradigm

A Template for Sustainable Nature Smart & Self-Sustaining EcoVillages “Building Sustainable Communities Through Spontaneous Co-operation” — Pacific Domes Inc. It’s About Living Large, Not Small Become a Nature Smart EcoVillager and take the empowering journey towards becoming the change you wanna see!  Intentional Dome EcoVillage Micro-Communities are all about collectively co-creating a new paradigm through …Read More

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