Terraforma – Global Biosphere Projects Demonstrating Sustainable & Regenerative Solutions (Part 2)

“The future is a choice between Utopia and oblivion.”Buckminster Fuller

As cited in Part 1 of Terraforma, scientists tells us that it’s time to replenish, not just, sustain. According to an article in the Science Daily, four landmark scientific reports, written by more than 550 leading experts from over 100 countries, this alarming decline endangers economies, livelihoods, food security and the quality of people’s lives everywhere.

As the delicate ecosystem continues to decline in every region of the world, Nature’s capacity to nurture life is severely threatened. Sustainability, one of the buzzwords used when envisioning a healthy, thriving planet, would have been okay if we had adopted sustainable practices a half-century ago. With an accelerated decline for at least the past century, sustainable practices won’t be enough.

We can do it!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead.

Terraforming Mars

It’s time to break the old narrative and create a new story by using regenerative solutions to restore our planet for the future of humanity.  If we are to have a future at all, what’s needed now is for earth stewards to unify our efforts in terraforming our planet – proactively reversing many of the deteriorating trends we face.

Terraforma – EcoVillages 

A broad definition of an ecovillage is an intentional settlement that’s consciously designed to demonstrate our love for the earth by working towards holistic and healthy development. Ecovillages are terraforming the planet by coming together for responsible earth stewardship – it’s a movement that’s been steadily building on a global scale.

The Global EcoVillage Network (GEN), a non-profit organization with a focus towards regenerative solutions, has been a powerful voice in pioneering the sustainability movement. A more recent merging with the Foundation for Intentional Communities to create an online educational platform has further fueled this grassroots movement.

Family homesteads − Perfection of the Dwelling Land on Earth

Family homesteads are an extension of the grassroots movement that also, binds communities together with regenerative and sustainable practices. Family homesteads, often called Kins Domains, are about creating beauty and abundance in harmony with Nature. Where are they located? – everywhere on Planet Earth. Example: Veteran’s Village Kins Community in Arizona.

16ft dome tiny living

Domesteading is building an ecologically sound lifestyle for you and your loved ones. The geodesic dome is the strongest structure known, withstanding extreme wind and snow. Urban #Domesteading is a self-sufficient lifestyle choice – developing skills and using sustainable practices can bring peace of mind.

Terraforma – Eco-Tourism

Reversing the trend towards biodiversity decline that’s causing indigenous populations to lose their livelihoods, Eco-tourism travel is boosting local economies and raising public awareness – a win-win.

Through the EU-supported Himalica Initiative, ICIMOD is working with farmers in eastern Nepal to improve cardamom cultivation and diversify livelihoods through regenerative organic practices designed to make their farms resilient to emerging challenges from years of chemical and pesticide abuse.

Thanks to the growing ecotourism trend, exploring our beautiful planet is now within reach of those with average budgets – presenting the novel notion of home-stays and land-sharing – and, new opportunities in eco-hospitality. You can play an exciting role in unlocking outdoor Nature experiences through Ecotourism travel with portable ecoliving Dome Home Kits by Pacific Domes, USA.