Terraforma – Global Biosphere Projects Demonstrating Sustainable & Regenerative Solutions (Part 2)


Sustainability – one of the buzzwords used when envisioning a healthy, thriving planet – would have been a good option if we had adopted sustainable practices a half-century ago. With an accelerated decline for at least the past century, the environment needs a serious overhaul, and sustainable practices aren’t enough to turn this train around on its tracks.

As cited in Part-1 of this Terraforma blog, it’s time to replenish our resources, not just sustain them. To ensure the future of humanity, Earth’s planetary stewards must come together and proactively terraform our planet, reversing some of the deteriorating trends we now face.

It’s time to break the old narrative and create a new story by using regenerative solutions to restore our garden paradise for the future of all Earth’s inhabitants. And, yes, we can do it!

Terraforma – EcoVillages 
A broad definition of an ecovillage is an intentional settlement consciously designed to demonstrate our love for the Earth by working towards holistic and healthy eco-development. Ecovillages are terraforming the planet by uniting as one powerful voice for responsible Earth stewardship in a movement that has been steadily building on a global scale.

  • The Global EcoVillage Network (GEN) is a non-profit organization with a focus toward sustainable and regenerative solutions. The 2018 European Ecovillage Conference – The Wisdom of Conscious Communities – is being held July 517 in Lilleoru, Estonia. GEN EUROPE 2018 CONVERENCE

  • Family homesteads − Perfection of the Dwelling Land on Earth Family homesteads are part of yet another grassroots movement that binds communities together through regenerative and sustainable practices. Family homesteads, called Kins Domains, are about creating beauty and abundance in harmony with nature. Where a they located? Everywhere on Planet Earth. Read More…

Terraforma – Eco-Tourism
As the delicate ecosystem continues to decline in many regions of the world, Nature’s capacity to nurture life is severely compromised. According to a March 2018 article in the Science Daily, four landmark scientific reports, written by more than 550 leading experts from over 100 countries, attest to this alarming decline endangering economies, livelihoods, food security and the quality of people’s lives everywhere.

Eco-tourism travel’s terraforming power lies in the boost it provides local economies as well as its ability to raise awareness of the trend towards biodiversity decline that is currently causing indigenous populations to lose their livelihoods. UNESCO New Delhi is proud to share with you a short video on the importance of Biodiversity. (2:39 min.)

The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) celebrates their annual Convention on Biodiversity May 22, 2018. Visit ICIMOD for more information. Through the EU-supported Himalica Initiative, ICIMOD is working with farmers in eastern Nepal to improve cardamom cultivation and diversify livelihoods through regenerative organic practices designed to make farms resilient to emerging challenges from years of chemical spraying & pesticide abuse. (7:40 min.)

Thanks to the internet, new options in ecovillage housing and eco-hospitality promote the novel notion of home-stays and land-sharing, and exploring our beautiful planet is now within reach of those with average budgets. You can play an exciting role in unlocking outdoor nature experiences through ecotourism travel with environmentally conscious portable Dwell Dome kits by Pacific Domes International. To learn more visit:

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