Crest 13 Geodesic Dome Havens Worldwide


Pacific Domes of Oregon is proud to work with Intentional Communities on the forefront of developing Sustainable Cities and Eco-Villages built with our Geodesic Domes Homes, Performance Event Structures and Geodesic Greenhouses.

Crest 13 Geodome Community is the brainchild of an organization built around the creation of 13 or more communities around the world. These communities are meant to serve as a starting point for a scientific approach to living sustainably, in unison with the earth and in resonance with your global community.

Their aim is to explore the principles of planetary engineering in relation to the biosphere-noosphere transition. This is supposed to mark the point in time when the consciousness of the planet goes from unconscious to cosmically conscious.

Crest 13 Geodesic Domes Worldwide

The physical locations are meant to serve as a “home-base” for the crafting of solutions for global problems. It is believed that the Earth contains fields of cosmic intelligence and that by incorporating geodesic domes into the blueprint of their design, the energetic field is enhanced. Their proposed site-map was developed with geodesic domes in a mandala formation as the foundation for their future communities.

Crest 13 Geodesic Domes Worldwide

So far, there are 8 active sites in place. These locations are in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Russia and Uruguay. The other 9 proposed sites are set to be constructed in Australia, Bolivia, India, Japan, Kenya, New Zealand, Switzerland, United States and Zambia.
The team at Pacific Domes is excited to work with these activated individuals to bring geodesic domes to the Crest 13 centers around the world.

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