A Harmonious Vision

“The more for whom we strive to serve, the greater effectiveness we will have.” — R. Buckminster Fuller

Our Vision

Pacific Domes is visualizing a harmonious world and a sustainable future for earth and humanity. We are committed to education and action toward that goal. We calibrate our domes to create harmonic subtle sound, which supports biology. We work with top thinkers around the globe promoting sustainable solutions and climate-change education with our Planetarium and Projection dome partners. We aim to inspire sustainability and environmental solutions through our Biosphere Dome projects. We hope to bring joy and coordination skills with our playground domes! We support relief efforts around the Globe and hope to increase our capacity to do more. We have inspired awareness throughout the globe and are here to support humanity with shelter solutions.

Pacific Domes 70ft. Printed Earth Dome

The Founder

Asha Deliverance is committed to a life outside the box. As the founder of Pacific Domes, she is dedicated to the creation of a more sustainable future. She began her college education at 14 years old in Arizona, and became one of UCSC Farm Projects founders before the age of 20. It was at UCSC, now considered the Harvard of organic farming, that Asha constructed her first Dome on an old singer sewing machine. Over the next 15 years Asha constructed countless domes, while working as a Midwife. In 1980 the demand for Domes led Asha to start her own business, Pacific Domes. Asha continues to educate and surround herself with cutting edge ideas and thinkers, promising to create alternatives in technology, shelter, and design.

Pacific Domes Owner, Asha Deliverance


There’s a lot of brainpower behind Pacific Domes, and we put it to use. Our company’s ambition is to promote the architectural integrity of the geodesic dome, and to spread it world-wide. Geodesic geometry is showcased in our visually inspiring structures. Each dome that we create is a masterpiece of design and ingenuity. Our geodesic domes are the image of the future, an aesthetic solution for all global shelters and event structures. Pacific Domes is the original manufacturer of fabric covered geodesic domes, since 1980. Our in-house manufacturing gives us the capability to design a dome tailored to your needs. Our products are manufactured in the USA, and in Europe, with a skilled team that is devoted to Happy Clients.

Pacific Domes - Escape Podz Dome

Geodesic Domes

Buckminster Fuller was a 1940’s inventor, architect, engineer, mathematician and cosmologist who replicated “nature’s own co-ordinate system” found in all spheres from planets to molecules, and through the understanding that gravitational forces are spherical (not linear) and invented the geodesic dome. His designs superseded the structural integrity of any architectural structure yet made. In 1970, he received a gold metal from the American Institute of Architects who acclaimed the geodesic dome as: “the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man.” The Larger the Dome, the More Efficient: The sphere has 25% less surface area per volume enclosed than any other shape. Domes are structurally sound, aerodynamic, portable, energy and spatially efficient.

Buckminster Fuller