70′ MoMA Dome – From Disaster Relief To Immersive Event Experience

Storm-Proof Geo-Engineered Domes for Relief Efforts and Much More “Our 360° Projection Domes are dedicated to the advancement of Immersive Virtual Environments for the Arts, Entertainment & Education.”   ― Pacific Domes Inc. When Hurricane Sandy battered New York’s Rockaway Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) during the devastating storm surges of late 2012, Pacific Domes, US …Read More

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Hurricane Irma

A Big Thank-you to 2017 Hurricane Relief Supporters – Pacific Domes, Inc.

A Big Thank-you is in order to all of our 2017 Hurricane Relief Supporters from everyone here at Pacific Domes, Inc. Thank-you! Donations for the 2017 Hurricane Relief Support poured in from all across the country. With many humanitarian relief efforts underway to provide shelter to victims displaced by this year’s tropical storms, the need …Read More

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Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Harvey Relief: Rent Temporary Shelter Dome Housing

Pacific Domes is there to help with Hurricane Harvey Relief Shelters! Many humanitarian relief efforts are underway to provide shelter to victims displaced by Hurricane Harvey. The need for temporary shelter is great and Pacific Domes has rapidly deployable disaster relief dome kits available for sale or rent! Portable Relief Domes for disaster preparedness, emergency …Read More

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Relief Domes

Relief Domes Dedicated to providing an immediate dome shelter for those in need Pacific Domes’ rapidly deployable emergency shelters are favorites of disaster relief organizations like Rainbow Rapid Relief and the Grassroots Alliance. Our domes have been used as temporary shelters in many global disaster scenarios, from the earthquakes in Haiti to Hurricanes Harvey and …Read More

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Relief Domes-Pacific Domes

Finest Medical Service Tents for Disaster Preparedness

Emergency Geodome Tents for Relief Efforts & Refugee Camps by Pacific Domes “Our Eco-Friendly Geo-Engineered Portable Dome Tents Are Rapidly Deployable” — Pacific Domes Inc. Portable Geodome Tents for disaster preparedness, emergency relief efforts and portable tent cities & refugee camps are engineered to withstand harsh extremes during all types of natural earth changes and …Read More

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Work-at-Home Dome Office: The Perfect Backyard Studio

“You’ll love how your at-home dome office studio will boost your creativity!” — Pacific Domes The 2020 global pandemic has given people an unprecedented opportunity to skip the daily commute to their formal office hub and create a work-at-home office space. Who wouldn’t enjoy the freedom of working remotely from their home office? The reality …Read More

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concrete dome

Future Dome Communities

When envisioning a safe, bright future in supportive, cooperative communities, Pacific Domes has partnered with 3D Sustainable Developments (3DSD) in sharing their vision of building dome communities. 3DSD is a Washington State social purpose corporation with a vision of providing viable solutions to governments, disaster relief organizations and industries to address the vast housing shortage …Read More

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standing rock header

Ultimate Remote Emergency Response Base Camps: Deployable Geodesic-Engineered Dome Kits by Pacific Domes

“Because of its aerodynamic structure, a geodesic dome can withstand hurricane-force winds better than any other portable structure.” ― Pacific Domes, Inc. With an above normal hurricane season predicted, deployable emergency response base camps are much in demand by FEMA and other specialized disaster coordinating agencies. Rapidly deployable geodesic-engineered dome kits by Pacific Domes, USA, are …Read More

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Acre Lavande Domes

Why Domes? Can Geodesic Architecture Create a Sustainable Future?

“Because of its aerodynamic structure, the geodesic dome is built to withstand Nature’s extremes.” — Pacific Domes, Inc. Geodesic design can be found everywhere in Nature, but why and when should you consider using geodesic dome architecture vs. conventional building methods? Starting with the basic structure, did you know that geodesic domes are 5 times stronger …Read More

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Pacific Domes Home Page

Pacific Domes – Geodesic Dwell Domes, Event Domes, 360° Projection Domes Welcome to Pacific Domes, the original Geodesic Dome company. Since 1980, we have been designing award-winning shelters that are engineered to be energy efficient, easy to erect, and exceptionally durable. As the leading manufacturer of geodesic domes for over 40 years, we are committed …Read More

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Dwell Domes

Uses Sizes Features Connect with a Representative Dwell Domes Custom Geodesic Dwell Domes by Pacific Domes! We build affordable, “out of the box” Geodesic Dome Houses, the strongest housing alternative! Ecological Home Design dwellings are our forte, and many of our Dome Shelters are used as Eco-Resort dwelling places, and Home Construction Developers looking to construct …Read More

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Our Company

“The more for whom we strive to serve, the greater effectiveness we will have.” — R. Buckminster Fuller Passionately Manufacturing Domes Since 1980 Multi-award winning Pacific Domes, Inc. is the original manufacturer of geodesic domes worldwide. We are a growing family-operated business dedicated to conscientious, energy-efficient living. Our creative team builds domes that may be …Read More

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