Helping Displaced Families Impacted by Natural Disasters

“Making a Difference: Portable Domes Provide Quick Housing for Displaced Families” Pacific Domes

Each year, Natural Disasters leave thousands of evacuees searching for a safe place to stay until it’s safe to return to their homes or in many cases, until they can figure out longer-term arrangements. Landowners can play vital roles in their communities with response and recovery efforts just by offering extra space to displaced families impacted by natural disasters portable and quick to set up, prefab DIY dome kits offer the solution.

Raging Maui Wildfire 2023
Raging Maui Wildfire 2023

“An explosive inferno out of nowhere – the fire was just traveling too fast, burning too hot and before you knew it Lahaina was gone!” – Anonymous

Community Support for Displaced Families and Pets

As an example: Good Morning America reports that as of Tuesday, August 15th, 2023, Deadly wildfires on Maui have forced thousands of local residents and visitors to evacuate the area in search of shelter, food, water and other basic resources. Landowners can positively impact affected communities by collaborating with nonprofit groups, such as, Maui Strong – public response has been an overwhelming support for displaced families.

Due to an unprecedented wildfire season in places that are normally considered safe, communities are needing thousands of volunteers to care for displaced families. It’s never been more true that, “this is a marathon ‒ not a sprint”.  From East Coast to West Coast, including Hawaii, Canada, Alaska and Puerto Rico, communities in the midst of disaster are holding hands across the Americas ‒ coming together to support each other.

Volunteers are needed now and in the coming weeks and months to facilitate with disaster response, relief and recovery efforts. Following the unparalleled devastation caused by so many devastating wildfires, communities are ‘thinking outside the box’ and coming up with solutions to provide ongoing support and shelter for displaced families impacted in their neighborhoods.

In order to lend support during these unprecedented times, many landowners may be positioned to offer short-term shelter by linking up with community organizations who may be doing community outreach by offering disaster relief funds through generous donations, grants and other financial support for displaced families and pets.

Relief dome family

A unique solution for displaced families Set up in just a day and take down later!

How can you help?

Volunteers are needed all across America to provide temporary shelter to displaced families. If you’re looking for ways to help displaced families and their pets, you can be a proactive participant by opening up your land and erecting a temporary shelter to help families during the recovery process.

Pacific Domes is encouraging landowners to open up their lands to wildfire aid workers and evacuees in their respective communities. We are grateful to landowners who are stepping up at this unprecedented time of need to support their communities. We’re doing our part to help landowners host temporary dome stays for displaced families and their pets ‒ Talk to one of our Customer Support Reps to discuss additional discounts that may be available to support your efforts.