Hurricane Harvey Relief: Rent Temporary Shelter Dome Housing

Pacific Domes is there to help with Hurricane Harvey Relief Shelters!

Many humanitarian relief efforts are underway to provide shelter to victims displaced by Hurricane Harvey. The need for temporary shelter is great and Pacific Domes has rapidly deployable disaster relief dome kits available for sale or rent!

Portable Relief Domes for disaster preparedness, emergency relief efforts and portable tent cities & refugee camps are engineered to withstand harsh extremes during all types of natural earth changes and tragic man-made events. A USA manufacturer with a global outreach, Pacific Domes takes disaster preparedness seriously, leading the way forward with the finest geodome tents on the planet.

Kitchen & Dining Domes

Emergency Preparedness plans begin with erecting free-standing medical tent shelters amidst the chaos. Following the storms of this past century, Disaster Preparedness is now taken more seriously by communities throughout the World. High on the priority list is the pre-requisite for portable first-aid shelter.

The next step in creating infrastructure and order from chaos is to address the immediate need for humanitarian tent housing, food/water storage and waste disposal. Portable electricity and plumbing for hygiene are always a necessity in establishing tent cities & refugee camps. Then comes the formation of meeting places for empowering community volunteers and sparking the spirit of ‘contributionism’ based on skills and training, as well as temporary centers for social activities, training and schools.

Relief dome - Pacific Domes

Pacific Domes’ portable dome villages are the perfect solution when it comes to rapidly deployable shelters. Pacific Domes brings over thirty-five years of industry expertise in organizing donated dome shelters to various relief efforts. Pacific Domes’ most recent hurricane relief efforts have been during the 2016 Hurricanes that hit the Southern part of the United States, Haiti and Mexico.

There are continuous reports of the geodesic dome being the only structure left standing after a hurricane. As hurricanes continue to devastate many coastal communities, Pacific Domes encourages the world to think of the geodesic dome as the strongest structure known to man… aerodynamic and hurricane proof!

Please consider pooling your organization’s financial resources to help fund short-term shelter for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Here is the link to Pacific Domes Go Fund me page: