Urban Exodus

Moving with the Times by Pacific Domes

The urban exodus may have started as a temporary fix, driven by people’s response to living in times of extremes the recent pandemic, along with concerns around personal safety, the high cost of living and general decline in the quality of city life. That said, moving with the times has, in many ways shifted perspectives for the better. Urban dwellers are seriously reconsidering where they choose to live, work and raise their families.  

The urban exodus has grown into a back-to-the-land-movement as people discover that there’s a safer, simpler and happier life within reach. According to conservative polls as many as one-third of people living in densely populated areas are cutting cords with city life in search of a more self-reliant and sustainable lifestyle by moving off-grid.

The Urban Exodus – Whose Moving?

The urban exodus has drawn people from all walks of life who are burnt-out, suffering from emotional exhaustion and leaving city life  urbanites, telecommunters, homesteaders, homeschoolers, preppers, therapists, artists, and musicians, to name just a few.

Do you appreciate the natural world and love the thought of reconnecting with Nature?  Do you long to trade the sound of commuter traffic for a peaceful rural life following your passion, your values and waking up to Nature sounds? Then, this blog might spark a desire to hasten that move. Don’t be surprised to find that friends will want to visit you just to get away for a rewilding weekend!

Urban Exodus Dome Interior
The open concept space allows for a simple lifestyle

Urban Exodus Fuels the Tiny Home Movement

The tiny house movement is attractive to many because it spells simplicity, mobility, low-cost and less-maintenance. But, is it a short-term or long-term solution? A tiny home dome may be a great alternative that speaks to all of the above reasons and more.

dome frame with loft structure

What if you could erect your 2-story off-grid tiny dome home in weeks, instead of months? How’s this possible? A prefab dome package is shipped direct to your building site complete with all the materials you need to assemble the kit yourself, or to hire a subcontractor or skilled labor. Included in the Pacific Domes Kit are the frame, cover, accessories and an easy-to-follow DIY instruction manual.

Urban Exodus Grows Work from Home – Work from Dome

The ability to telecommute  and work from home has quickened the mass exodus and created an urban shuffle across the country. Thanks to better broadband connectivity and communication technologies, like Zoom, people are learning that they don’t need to be nested in cities to get their office work done.  

Work-from-Home Studio Office in a geodesic dome

Cities have become hostile to mom and pop businesses and many entrepreneurs are learning that they can recalibrate a way forward by moving to smaller communities that welcome their services. Businesses, like our friends at Tiny Life Consulting, are thriving in the wake of the urban exodus.

Urban Exodus Grows a Nomadic Lifestyle

The urban exodus has quietly transitioned into new opportunities for remote work to go mainstream. Digital nomads are fast becoming accepted as the new normies.

16-ft Nomad Dome Interior

After all, what’s not to love about the nomadic lifestyle when you can work where you want, when you want and on your own terms, right? The 16-ft. and 20-ft. nomad domes are perfect for a nomadic lifestyle – they are portable and easy to set up just about anywhere your heart leads you.

Urban Exodus Grows Safe Outdoor Education Domes

Join the many advocates for safe outdoor classrooms and share your love for the outdoors with your kids! Take advantage of post-Covid funding opportunities and join with voices in favor of outdoor education classrooms.

As schools reopen with restrictions and social guidelines that require navigating a bucket list of stringent government logistics, it begins to make a lot of sense to go back-to-school in a dome. The Circle of Children is just one example of how educators are bringing up a new generation of earth stewards.

greenhouse dome, classroom dome
Greenhouse classroom

Get Kids Planting in Education Domes!

Rallying children, families and communities to grow real food at home and in schoolyards across America and the world, Plant a Seed Day is making a difference in the lives of school children everywhere with hands-on education about where their food comes from. Don’t let your children grow up not knowing where their food comes from. With the first day of Spring just a few weeks away, why not join in the fun of Plant a Seed Day – it’s a massive day of action that honors the earth and her children.

Domes: the Perfect Solution to the Housing Crunch

Speaking of the urban exodus, a Pacific Domes prefab geodome kit is the perfect solution to affordable housing. Whether needed for temporary or permanent housing, domes have several key features that make them both cost-effective and practical. For starters, they are lightweight and portable, which means they can be shipped or transported anywhere in the world. They are ideally suited for off-grid living and have gone up all over the planet – from the Sahara desert to the Arctic.

In addition to being portable, domes are also easy to build. They don’t require special skills or deep foundations, so they can be assembled by one or two people without heavy equipment. Depending on the size and complexity of the construction, larger domes can take just days or weeks to set up. And once they’re built, domes are naturally energy-efficient and eco-friendly – making them a low-impact option for a sustainable environment.

art studio dome
A 20 ft. dome studio

But that’s not all – domes are also incredibly versatile and have many functional uses in a variety of different settings. They make great work-from-home studios for artists, backyard guesthouses or Airbnb rentals, remote base camps for adventure seekers, and even eco-travel hospitality or retreat centers and yoga studios. Plus, in times of crisis, such as natural disasters, domes can serve as emergency relief shelters for those in need.

At Pacific Domes, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect housing solution for your needs. Our team has decades of combined product knowledge and experience in dome manufacturing, construction, and installation.

So if you’re looking for an affordable and practical housing option, consider a prefab dome home from Pacific Domes. We’re here to help you every step of the way – so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information or to get started with your dome building project.

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