Festival Dome Tent for the Circle Of Children

Pacific Domes of Oregon builds the world’s best geodesic structures for use as Festival Domes, Dome Shelters, and Outdoor Classrooms. Our Eco Domes and Playground Structures are well-loved by children and families around.

Pacific Domes donated a 20-foot Festival Dome to Circle of Children to support their active role in youth empowerment and conscious stewardship of the earth. An Oregon-based nonprofit organization, Circle of Children’s mission is to create enriching environments which empower youth through nature connection, self discovery, community building, and collaborative service-learning projects that promote a healthy and thriving planet. Their purpose is to restore balance between the natural and human ecosystems by providing the next generation with opportunities to learn and grow in environments that foster deep connection, respect and reverence for ourselves, our community and the earth. They offer all of their programs and services as a free resource, in alignment with their values of building community ties through a culture of gift-giving.

Circle of Children at Triangle Lake
Located on 60 acres at the Triangle Lake Conference Center 45 minutes northwest of Eugene, Oregon, the Circle of Children community hosts workshops, conferences and events with the organizations and people who are changing the world. Actively involved in the creation of enriching environments which empower children and families through connecting with nature, self discovery, and community building, their youth-centered approach promotes a healthy, thriving community and planet. Additionally, the community offers many activities for guests to get involved, and volunteers are always welcome. Some of their offerings include a permaculture garden, natural building projects, wildlife walks, herbal identification and wild-crafting workshops. They have numerous elegant lodgings for guests and serve organic, vegan food from a large commercial kitchen. Additionally, the community provides education for kids and families about holistic health, organic living, and how to become good Earth Stewards.

Circle of Children Activities

Going On Tour
Circle of Children took their Festival Dome on tour with them this fall to serve as the hub of the Children’s Village at events such as the North American Permaculture Convergence, The One Love Experience, The Beloved Festival, and Symbiosis. The beautiful sacred geometric structure attracted many festival goers into the Children’s Village and created community around supporting children, families, and caring for the earth. The Geodesic Event Tent was filled with workshops and activities including a central rope swing, crystal yoga, and youth empowerment circles.

Interactive and educational experiences were available for children all around the Festival Dome Tent which served as the central point of the Activity Center. The Kid’s Village was the perfect example of a community focused on children’s empowerment. With opportunities for kids to make smoothies, paint on an intergenerational community art mural, make wildflower seedballs, and spin the Play it Forward Wheel, learning and service became a fun and engaging experience for children of all ages.

Pacific Domes Play It ForwardPlay it Forward is an interactive game that generates simple acts of kindness. Players spin the wheel and receive a token with a simple act of kindness that can be done for oneself, the environment, or for another. Once a player has successfully performed their act, they pass their token onward and invite the next person to “play it forward!” Just imagine, one spin of the wheel could ripple out to create thousands of acts of kindness! This game is sure to ignite the playful spirit of the child, while connecting hearts and engaging community.

Creating wildflower seed balls
with Circle of Children is a fun, interactive, and educational experience for children of all ages! Children will be invited to come together in a circle and get their hands in the earth as they roll up marble-sized seed balls made of wildflower seeds, compost, clay and water. This activity encourages children to be good stewards of the earth and instills in the hearts and minds of many that we are empowered to change the world through creative and collective action. Just think, together we could reestablish a healthy population of honeybees throughout the west coast, by engaging thousands of children in a movement to plant native wildflowers!

Wildflower Seedball Making Workshop This youth empowerment workshop invited young people to explore their inherent gifts and how they can develop them to become active leaders for positive change within themselves, their community, and the world at large. It provided an opportunity for youth to come together with open hearts in circle, while encouraging deep listening, heartfelt communication, and sharing of our inner wisdom.

5-youth-empowerment-workshop-sizedAt this collective art mural, children and adults were invited to paint on a large canvas with all the colors of the rainbow. Paint, paint brushes, and a design were provided, offering a wonderful opportunity for children to express themselves creatively!

Community Art MuralKids helped make organic smoothies
for each other and themselves while learning about healthy eating choices they can make every day, all while being nourished and rejuvenated after a long day in the sun! Coming together to make super-powered smoothies, the kids played with their food, and put a lot of love into their creative, and delicious art projects.


Circle of Children teamed up with Natural Leaders to provide world-class opportunities for children and families to learn, grow, play, and build community together. Founded by Jon Nash and Sabrina Vedette, The Natural Leaders Foundation works to mentor children and their communities to love, trust, respect and connect with themselves, their peers and the earth through a unique Edu-Cultural Unity Program that includes: teamwork and leadership training, sustainability and permaculture education, health, wellness and fitness coaching and rites of passage as a sacred sillymony.

Clearly, with these two dynamic, youth-focused organizations coming together under one Geodesic Dome, the Children’s Villages were well equipped to offer incredible growth and empowerment opportunities for the children and families within the community! Learn more about the Natural Leaders Foundation by clicking here.


After their fall tour, Circle of Children packed up their Festival Dome and returned home to the Triangle Lake Center, and began to focus on their other projects, such as The Global Empowerment Mandala, or GEM. GEM is a movement designed to meet youth right where they are, and inspire them to take action in the world. The GEM Network is a free web­-based social media and crowdfunding platform that empowers young people (ages 12­-24) by providing them with the tools, guidance and resources needed to take their innovative solutions for global change, and manifest them in reality. This action-­based global network brings together youth, schools, organizations and green businesses to support each other in creating a sustainable and thriving planet, one youth-­led project at a time! To learn more information about the GEM Project and how to get involved, please click on the GEM mandala below.8-GEM-MandalaOutdoor School
Another project which has far-reaching potential is the pilot program for the Outdoor School Movement for the State of Oregon. Offering an opportunity to show what outdoor school can look like, Circle of Children provides a model of top-class education and environmental consciousness for our youth while helping them understand the value of our natural resources. A generation actively involved in bringing more peace into the world and balance to the environment is exactly what we all need, and Outdoor School is an ideal way to enroll the next generation at an early age.

Portable Geodesic Dome Shelters are currently being used as outdoor classrooms in locations around the world. Providing a comfortable outdoor setting while maintaining an intimate connection with nature, the dome learning environment affords students practical hands-on experience in understanding the sentient life of plants; thereby, deepening their appreciation and inter-connectedness with the natural world and creating an amazing Outdoor Playhouse for Kids.

Working Locally, Effecting Change Globally
Through getting children engaged and involved by providing interactive, experiential education, Circle of Children is inspiring young people to think about the world, identify some of the challenges we’re facing, and look at what we can do as individuals, groups, and as a collective consciousness to make global shifts. With a foundation in this awareness, they explore tools and actionable steps they can take to more fully actualize those ideas.

Building community around this process, whether in an Eco Dome at a festival for the weekend, or at an event at the Triangle Lake Center, everyone contributes to this beautiful story. Circle of Children recognizes we are all children and invites us to come together to nurture the spirit of the child which lives inside each one of us. To awaken to that creativity and playfulness, and to remember the dream which lives in each of our hearts and help it come to life.
Pacific Domes is grateful to be an ally of Circle of Children in support of their clear focus on consciously caring for the earth and nurturing the future generations of humankind. To learn more about the projects they are involved in, please click the links below.