Alternative Housing Structures for the Tiny Home Movement

Pacific Domes of Oregon, builders of Geodesic Dome Homes for Off the Grid lifestyle. Geodome Homes and Geodesic Dome Houses are a great alternative housing structure that is a big hit for the Tiny Home Movement.

Katja lives in a geodesic dome built in her garden. Free from distractions, she can be secluded in her own thoughts. She lives in harmony with nature, experiencing the sights and sounds, while being protected from the elements. In the winter she fires up her stove and uses a duvet to keep her warm at night.

“Early in the morning I can see the sun rising and listen to the calling ravens and buzzards, I hear the wind whispering with the leaves of the apple tree living next to me. I put on a fire in the wooden stove when it is cold and the crackling wood makes me feel warm and cozy. At night I can see the stars sparkling and I can follow the moon wandering along for hours when I don’t fall asleep on its way.

I love to be in here! The round form lets me feel surrounded by good energy. Looking around feels like dancing. There are no edges or corners to get stuck in.”