art studio dome

Home Art Studio: Find Inspiration Under a Prefab Canvas Dome

“Let a Cathedral Dome Art Studio be your Canvas” ― Pacific Domes Artists often find inspiration when immersed in Nature. If you’re among those Nature-inspired artists, a prefab dome home art studio nestled on your property provides the perfect setting to lend flight to those moments of artistic expression. Surrounded by Nature, your canvas dome Read More

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Pacific Domes - AirBnb Dome

Trillium’s Woodland Dome: Artist’s Retreat for Under $15K

The Woodland Dome at Trillium is surrounded by delightful low-growing perennial Trilliums that bloom abundantly in northwest Oregon’s pristine forests. Michael Brightwood, a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, wanted to create an artist’s dome retreat, where he and his family could get away and immerse themselves in Nature. “You are walking through a garden, with flowers of Read More

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Geodesic Dome -Bay Window - Interior Design

Design Your Perfect Dome Home: Part 3

“Building Sustainable Communities through Spontaneous Co-operation.”  — Pacific Domes Inc. Dome Home Interior Design Go modular with freestanding walls that balance privacy with that open feeling. The open floor plan and vaulted ceilings of a Dome Home offers a warm sunlit space for your unique interior design.  Depending on your usage, you might decide to Read More

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Terraforming Mars

Terraforma – Global Biosphere Projects Demonstrating Sustainable & Regenerative Solutions (Part 2)

“The future is a choice between Utopia and oblivion.” — Buckminster Fuller As cited in Part 1 of Terraforma, scientists tells us that it’s time to replenish, not just, sustain. According to an article in the Science Daily, four landmark scientific reports, written by more than 550 leading experts from over 100 countries, this alarming Read More

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Festiva;l Dome Tent - Circle of Children

Festival Dome Tent for the Circle Of Children

“An inner-transformation happens when one steps out of the mundane and embraces Nature.” ― Pacific Domes Located on 60-acres at the Triangle Lake Conference Center, 45-minutes northwest of Eugene, Oregon, the Circle of Children community has hosted workshops, conferences and events in a 20-foot festival dome with forward-thinking people who are committed to changing the world. Read More

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