Harnessing the Power of Sacred Geometry

 We live in exciting times where modern minds are bridging that mysterious borderland between the visible and invisible. At the intersection of where science and the unseen merge, ancient knowledge of how to harness the power of Sacred Geometry is once again reemerging within the collective consciousness. We are re-discovering the properties of frequency, vibration and resonance, and how these invisible – yet, powerful forces affect the very fabric of our reality.

Welcome to the mind-bending world of Sacred Geometry – one of the few subjects that appeals to left brain and right brain at the same time!

Sacred geometry is woven throughout the fabric of creation. It is the invisible architecture of creation; and, one might add, the stamp of the cosmos. Once we understand how it all works, we have the tools we need to live more balanced, extraordinary lives.

Sacred geometry ascribes symbolic and sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and proportions. It is associated with the belief that an Intelligent Universal Force of Consciousness is the grand Architect of the Cosmos. This ancient language describes a definite order of physics – how everything works.

The basic shapes of the physical Universe are the same shapes that are found in Sacred Architecture. Both the triangle and the icosahedron are the shapes of nature that form the geodesic dome

The Sacred Geometry of Domes mimics the fundamental shape of creation – the sphere. Atoms, molecules, the earth, sun, stars, moon, etc. are all spheres which mathematically generate a point at the center that creates stillness, also known as the Bindu point in ancient meditation practice. This is why yoga has found its perfect home in a sacred geometry dome.

Yoga Mindfulness Retreat - psilocybin micro-dosing

Many healers use domes because they believe that this harmonic architecture helps reorganize the cells of the body, helping to improve health and creativity. Domes are an enlightening experience to live and play in!

Mile End Glamping Dome

Spending time in a dome raises our vibration and touches a deep harmonic chord in our soul.

The Invisible Harmonics In Space: The Subtle Energy Field 

There is scientific data to back up the idea of the human bubble being the electromagnetic field and the numerous subtle energy bands of the aura, morphological fields, and others, with their poles and vortices and veritable nodes and ley lines of power current. We’ve all heard the saying “you’re invading my bubble!”, referring to someone who is standing just too close. Just like earth has a field, so does each and every living thing – humans included.

In terms of quantum physics, everything is made up of energy, from the quarks and sub atomic particles to the most immense megalithic structures or complex machines. It’s not only living things that possess energy – places are no exception. Spaces possess specific energetic qualities and areas of good or bad energy flow. For example: buildings, rooms, gardens, you name it – everything has a unique energetic signature at every level of the micro/macrocosm. It all has to do with attunement and harmonics. 

36 ft. Dome Murrah Dream Retreat, - Australia
36 ft. Dome Murrah Dream Retreat, – Australia

Harnessing Divine Energy Flow 

Once you understand that the flow of energy around you marks the blueprint of your happiness, you know why keeping an orderly and beautiful dome home brings such a sense of peace.

As the conscious mind rests and relaxes with the subtle harmonic tones found within each dome, the mind is cleared and quieted. This has the ability to put you in a theta state, allowing you to use your power of imagination to create a Dome of Protecting White Light, leading to higher states of consciousness.

Mont Tremblant Dome

Are We Living in Harmony with Nature?

Are we living in a manner that magnifies our connection to the Universal rhythm of life? Creating a harmonic living environment specifically designed for our Soul’s nourishment is paramount to happiness and our evolution as Cosmic Beings.

The choices we make form the architectural blueprints of the psychic space that surrounds us. This psychic space then becomes the soil that nourishes the roots of our Spirit. Just as the quality of a fruit depends upon the seed, the soil, the weather and the connection to the master gardener – so too, does our quality of life depend on our energetic backdrop.

Legend of Greater Things 50 ft. Yoga Dome
50 ft. Dome – Legend of Greater Things Yoga Retreat

In Summary

The Universe is an orchestra of sound, and music is its universal language. The harmonics created by the energetic qualities of dome architecture amplifies our connection to Spirit, maximizes our potential, and heightens our everyday threshold of harmony and bliss.

Greater understanding allows us to tap into the power of, and to be in harmony with, the Universe. And even if we don’t understand it — for indeed, it is a deep scientific mystery — we can use its power to enhance our lives and be humbled and grateful in the face of it.

If you’re feeling like your reality could use a cosmic re-tuning, why not open yourself up to the divine principle behind it all? Pacific Domes invites you to Take a tour of our Domes around the world!