Five Benefits of Geo Dome Greenhouse Eco-Classrooms – Nature Smart

Teaching Sustainability in Geo Dome Greenhouses

“Building Sustainable Communities Through Spontaneous Co-operation”
— Pacific Domes Inc.

What is a Nature Smart Geo Dome Greenhouse Eco-Classroom?
The Geo Dome Greenhouse Eco-Classroom is all about fueling the culture of Nature Smart children and communities through sustainability education. Children are born naturalists and eager to explore their natural world through outdoor play and education. Just ask any young child if they would rather play or learn in an indoor or outdoor classroom!

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Children of all ages love gardening in a Nature Smart Geodome Greenhouse by Pacific Domes!

Benefits of a GeoDome Greenhouse Eco-Classroom:

  1. Outdoor classrooms support the mounting evidence that natural sunlight and outdoor activities increase memory and learning capacity by up to 20%. Studies have shown that those who spend time in outdoor activities have better brain function, living healthier, happier and more balanced lives.
  2. Filtered 360° natural sunlight, provides children of all ages the opportunity to explore and learn sustainability education, inviting a child’s innate curiosity to explore and connect first-hand with earth’s diverse eco-system.
  3. Unnatural biofield suppression caused by indoor lighting, as well as technological devices, is on the rise in schools. Children exposed to natural sunlight, experience a positive re-balancing of biofields… especially, beneficial to children with autism.
  4. Nature Smart integrative learning in outdoor greenhouse classrooms provides children of all ages the opportunity to explore and learn in ways that encourage interaction with their natural environment. Children are more apt to engage and deepen their understanding by association through practical hands-on learning.
  5. Along with added health benefits and improved learning, sustainability education in the outdoor greenhouse classroom provides a powerful platform to teach young minds bio-diversity and respect for the planet we call home. Supporting children’s natural curiosity to learn about the natural world, prevents nature-deficit disorder from technology overload.

We have only recently begun to take notice of the many benefits derived by relocating facets of traditional indoor learning to natural sunlight greenhouse classroom environments.

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In the wonderful world of the garden-based eco-classroom, geo-engineered playground domes are the perfect complement to a greenhouse. Schoolyard playground domes become a fun-filled hub for hands-on, minds-on nature smart enrichment programs.

There are many additional benefits that portable prefab geodesic dome kits offer over more traditional structures. Browsing Pacific Domes gallery of greenhouses is the first step towards exploring the benefits and versatility of geodesic domes as the strongest, portable structure known to man.

Children are the hope of the future and should have the opportunity to connect with nature – in their schools and with their families.