Domes For An Unsettled World

Dome Attributes:

  • Highly portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Endure hurricane force winds
  • Endure snow loads
  • Endure Earthquakes
  • Fire Resistant
dome school, shelter dome
School children in India

There are currently 100 million refugees, displaced due to political and climate change Issues. This number is increasing daily as we face an uncertain future. As founder of Pacific Domes and one of Buckminster Fuller‘s torchbearers, I am dedicating my life to solving this crisis.

Katrina Relief Dome, Waveland, Mississippi
Meals in the Hurricane Katrina Relief Dome, Waveland, Mississippi

Domes are the best solution for housing our current and future refugees. They are highly portable, easy to install, handle hurricane winds, heavy snow and are safe in earthquakes. They are the strongest and most portable structure known to man. They can last indefinitely with Thermoshield paint. They cover the most amount of space with the least amount of materials.

relief domes, shelter domes
Honduras hurricane survivors with a new shelter dome which housed all the people seen in this photo. This allowed them to leave the school that they had been living in, which allowed school to resume. 20 domes were donated to this cause

We have implemented Domes in many disaster areas provide family housing, instant hospitals, schools, government buildings, food distribution, warehousing and kitchens And most importantly community space where people can meet in a nurturing environment.

Pacific Domes is currently looking for partners to execute domes for refugee camps in all countries where they are needed.

relief dome, relief shelter
Ted Talk used these silver doms at an event in Los Angeles which then became a school and orphanage in Haiti two weeks later

Relief Domes & Emergency Shelters