Prefab Dome Homes vs. SMART Box Homes

Living Sustainably and Out-of-the-Box by Pacific Domes

Prefab Dome Homes vs. Smart Box Homeshow do they stack-up? Recently, the newest portable SMART box-home trend the Boxabl Casita and the foldable Tesla Tiny House for Sustainable Living –have been making waves in the tiny house market. This raises the question, “is there a lifestyle choice between living in a SMART factory-built box-home vs. an ecoliving dome home”?   

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All things considered, is the hype around SMART box-homes truly taking us into a more sustainable world? If this topic peaks your interest and you’re curious to learn more about one of the major differences between living in a totally SMART-grid connected SMART box-home vs. living in harmony with Nature in a geodesic dome home – then, let’s unpack this further by comparing some features and benefits unique to each.

Elon Musk - TESLA $15k Foldable Prefab Tiny House
Disclaimer: Although, it certainly adds a measure of authenticity to see Elon Musk’s image and logo displayed on this prototype, as of the date of this blog, there’s nothing official regarding the unveiling of the SMART Tesla Tiny House C-2 model – stay tuned.

Let’s Weigh-in on Advantages and Disadvantages

Our goal is to provide you with relevant information, such as an affordable price range, features and functionality, that will allow you to form your own conclusions.  We’ll be weighing-in on some pros and cons regarding dome homes and prefab SMART tiny box-home prototypes –such as, Elon Musk’s Boxabl Casita.  

After all, who wouldn’t find this feature attractive? A factory-built, SMART box-home arrives to your site turnkey ready to be lived in. It comes with built-in furniture, a fully-integrated SMART Home System (use your voice to control the most important functions and let the appliances learn your way of living) – and, it even comes with a star-gazing skylight dome. Bear in mind that you still have to obtain permits and prepare your site prior to its arrival, though.

Multiple-units will potentally be connected to the SMART-grId! Are you beginning to see the Big-Brother Picture?

On the other side of the SMART-grid vs. ecoliving spectrum – over the years, Pacific Domes has researched and invested resources in studying the energetic qualities of domes and how they impart a harmonious environment and healing quality to our lives through, what’s called  harmonic architecture. Credit goes to Mother Nature, who builds with Sacred Geometry.

Elon Musk $50K Boxable Casita

Boxabl Advantages

The Boxabl Casita prototype is an accessory dwelling unit that will be delivered to your backyard or homesite. Boxabl’s remarkable feature is its foldable home design. The prefab home is built, folded up, and shipped to your location – then, it simply unfolds and can be set up in a day. It’s being marketed as the home of Tesla CEO, Elon Musk – yet, it’s unclear whether he is an investor or not.


Boxabl told Business Insider that, “A typical single-family home can take up to seven months to build”. However, bigger companies who want multiple units, along with some 47,000+ clients on the waitlist, will have to wait until the company has completed its $10M contract for government housing.

Another key point to consider is that the predesigned interior layout cannot be customized at this time. Additionally, there may be a concern around Boxabl’s use of questionable construction materials – you decide.

Dome Home Advantages

Geodesic domes have proven to be the strongest and most energy-efficient shelter known to man. The interior design is spacious and natural sunlight lends it an open Zen-like ambiance. Dome homes have gained worldwide popularity in non-traditional housing markets, such as, Airbnb glamping and ecotourism. In step with the Boxabl Casitaaffordable, moveable and sustainable – prefab tiny homes hold great appeal with the remote work-from-anywhere demographic, as well.


There is currently a longer than usual delay due to current distribution and shipping challenges. This is a universal issue that every prefab manufacturer is facing. That said, this provides prefab tiny home buyers an opportunity to get all the other necessary permits and site prepping out of the way, so when the dome arrives you can quickly set it up in less than a day’s time and begin to enjoying your customized dome home – on your terms.

Model Style                                  Size                                                                  Price Range

SMART Tesla Tiny House C-2 model250 sq.ft. with 2-bedrooms and 1-bath accommodates from 2-4  people.$15,000 * see Tesla Tiny House
SMART Boxabl Casita375 sq. ft.Begins @ $49,500 * see Boxable prices and cost.
Pacific Domes
Dome Home
195 sq. ft. scaled up to 1,520 sq.ft.Prices start @ $5,640 to $25,000+ See online Store
Geoship Bioceramic Dome195 sq. ft. scaled up to 1,520 sq.ft.Estimate go-to-market turnkey prices $50K to $200K (depending on size).
*Geoship website currently under construction – See Spring 2022 news.  

For over 40-years, Pacific Domes construction teams have tested the inherent strength of the dome with artful skill and precision. Our company mission has been to expand upon Buckminster Fuller’s vision of “a world that works for 100% of humanity on Spaceship Earth – in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.”  

Our clients trust that we are providing the most reliable, portable structures that can be transported anyplace on earth. After weighing in on some unique comparisons, we believe you’ll agree that domes are by far, the best investment So, why aren’t we building more ecoliving domes?