Terraforma – Global Biosphere Projects Demonstrating Sustainable & Regenerative Solutions (Part 1)


As far as geologists can discern, there have been 5 previous mass extinctions on planet Earth. Scientists warn that the 6th mass extinction is happening now. The Holocene Extinction, otherwise referred to as the Sixth Mass Extinction (Anthropocene Extinction), is the ongoing extinction event of species, mainly as a result of human activity.

Prelude to Global Extinction
“Humanity needs to address anthropogenic population extirpation and decimation immediately. The population extinction pulse we describe here shows, from a quantitative viewpoint, that Earth’s sixth mass extinction is more severe than perceived when looking exclusively at species extinctions.” ― Gerardo Ceballos, Stanford Research (7-10-17)

See Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment video here (1:37 min)

Why Terraforma? 
We don’t need scientists to tell us what’s causing this current mass extinction. From pollution to plastic waste, we have made choices with adverse consequences that are rapidly approaching catastrophic proportions. We should be proud of our earth stewardship over the last 3,000 plus years, right?

As we are forced to face facts and reinvent our approaches to everything, from food production to technology, our responsibility to the stewardship of this luscious garden planet begs the question, “What are we going to do about it”?

Terraforming Mars – by Sharon Henry

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.” ― Albert Einstein

As we prepare to venture forth to explore other habitable planets, some of us are looking around at Spaceship Earth and wondering whether we will do wreak the same devastation on other planets?

Terraforma – Solutions to Global Extinction
Thanks to a mass awakening in global consciousness, Earth’s children are coming together, heeding the call to heal the planet and return our home to the garden paradise it once was. The ‘How to Manual’ −  How to Terraform (Earth-shape) Planet Earth with Sustainable & Regenerative Solutions − is being written as we speak.

Terraforma – Earth Festival
Terraforma is an Annual Experimental & Sustainable Music Festival at the Villa Arconati in Milan, Italy. This year it takes place 6-29-18 thru 7-01-18

Eden Project domes, Cornwall UK

Terraforma – Education
Biosphere II  ― An illustration of this would be University of Arizona’s Biosphere 2, a complex of interconnected domes and glass pyramids nestled in the Arizona desert.

Eden Project ― The Eden Project is another educational non-profit platform that connects us with the natural world and each other by exploring how we can work together towards a better future. Here, nestled in a huge crater, stand massive monolithic Biomes, housing the largest rainforest in captivity, stunning plants, exhibitions and stories, which serve as a backdrop to striking contemporary gardens, summer concerts and exciting year-round family events.

Terra-Forma ― Terra-Forma is an Environmental Education School in Spokane, WA that offers Nature Education & Summer Camps

Urban BioDome Greenhouses are steering the future of how we deliver fresh, nutritious and pesticide-free produce to consumers. BioDome Greenhouses offer the perfect sustainable solution to our mounting food production and transportation costs.

Terraforma – Sustainable & Regenerative Solutions for Environmental Pollution (1:01 min)

Large cities are solving environmental pollution challenges in many congested metropolitan areas. In Nanjing, China for example, where poor air quality has reached staggeringly unhealthy proportions, a pollution-fighting vertical “agritecture” building produces approximately 130 pounds of clean oxygen per day. Liuzhou Forest City leads the world in the development of sustainable green cities.

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20′ greenhouse dome in BC Canada