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Nature Smart Cultural Eco Tourism

“E-commerce & E-democracy promote nature-smart cultural eco-tourism and positively impact social grassroots movements throughout the world-wide web.

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E-commerce has given rise to many opportunities in nature smart cultural eco-tourism, such as eco adventure glamping (glamourous camping), by connecting smaller innovative industries and empowering them via the Internet. For the first time in hundreds of years, the power to affect positive social and economic change is in the hands of the people through cultural eco-tourism and one of the largest and fastest-growing global tourism markets… eco-adventure glamping.

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24′ glamping dome at the Outlier Inn, New York


Eco-adventure glamping (glamourous camping) is transforming the global tourism landscape with low impact portable Zen-domes by Pacific Domes. Adventure glamping with eco-living geo-engineered Zen-domes supports the cultural eco-tourism industry by making remote camping areas accessible to people, thereby promoting local employment and small business development in rural areas.

You are an important cog in the wheel of the e-commerce and e-democracy grassroots movement, drawing more people outdoors to immerse in the wonders of nature. Across the US, land-owners, like yourself, are facilitating access to nature smart eco-tourism by sharing their private land with responsible campers.

With a nominal investment, Zen-domes by Pacific Domes offer small-business eco-adventure glamping opportunities to create viable income for land-owners and local economies. Pacific Domes has recently endorsed Hipcamp’s mission and vision to promote nature-based camping on private lands throughout America.

adventure glamping
24′ Outlier Inn dome in the Catskills, New York


Hipcamp’s overall mission is to get more people outdoors to deepen their appreciation of nature; and, to inspire the next generation of people who are passionate about exploring and protecting natural resources on our lands. With over 450K campers subscribed to Hipcamp, there is a great opportunity to create nature smart eco-adventures by allowing access to alternative camping spaces.

“Spending time outdoors has proven health benefits” ― Hipcamp

Pacific Domes Inc. USA is a Leading Global Builder of Portable Geodesic Domes serving the Eco-Hospitality Industry, Eco-Resorts & Eco-Villages.