Building the Ultimate Community Greenhouse Food-Garden

Inspiring innovation through education, Pacific Domes mission-driven goal is to empower communities by building Community Food-Garden Greenhouses to raise delicious, locally-grown farm-to-table food. As the strongest structures known to man, our long-lasting and durable geodesic greenhouse structures are designed to withstand the test of time. What better time to re-imagine the future of community greenhouse Read More

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Greenhouse Domes - Pacific Domes

Prefabricated Greenhouse Kits by Pacific Domes of Oregon

The Perfect Portable Outdoor Greenhouses and Classrooms for School Enrichment Programs Prefabricated Growing Dome Greenhouses are the ideal choice for both Outdoor Growers looking to extend their growing season and Commercial Growers looking to increase crop production. Pacific Domes nature smart 360° solar domes create the perfect portable outdoor classroom for schools by harnessing the natural Read More

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