Prefabricated Greenhouse Kits by Pacific Domes of Oregon

Prefab Geodesic Dome Greenhosues for sale The Perfect Portable Outdoor Greenhouses and Classrooms for School Enrichment Programs Prefabricated Growing Dome Greenhouses are the ideal choice for both Outdoor Growers looking to extend their growing season and Commercial Growers looking to increase crop production. Pacific Domes nature smart 360° solar domes create the perfect portable outdoor classroom for schools by harnessing the natural power of the sun, eco-camps and outdoor education, recreation enrichment programs. Steering the future of outdoor education, Pacific Domes of Southern Oregon is a manufacturer of geo-engineered prefab solar domes and free-standing solar greenhouse kits. Portable greenhouse kits by Pacific Domes function as multi-purpose outdoor classrooms and offer a cost-effective solution for many school’s budgetary issues. In concert with many forward-thinking schools and outdoor enrichment programs, Pacific Domes Solar Grow Domes for outdoor classrooms are paving the way for promising careers in outdoor education and greenhouse growing. Dome Greenhouse Kits for Sale Solar grow domes for outdoor classrooms support the growing evidence that natural sunlight and outdoor activities increase memory and ability to learn by up to 20%. When plants and humans are exposed to natural sunlight, as opposed to the unnatural biofield suppression caused by indoor lighting, as well as technological devices, there is a favorable re-balancing of biofields… especially, beneficial to children with autism. Why a geodesic greenhouse vs. another type of greenhouse? Extensive research into bio-geometrical shapes has shown that the frequency of geodesic design produces the highest vibrational environment for healthy plants and people. Harmonic architecture was embraced by Buckminster Fuller, architect of the eco-friendly geodesic dome. Harmonic architecture stems from a reverence for our relationship to our natural world and champions the understanding that the human psyche cannot thrive when disconnected from the natural world. The harmonic resonance of the solar geodome design is further corroborated by recent data from physics and molecular biology that records and validates the environmental influence of shapes, demonstrating that human brain patterns are notably different in harmonic architecture frequencies, as opposed to dissonant box-like environments. New research conducted by a team of neuroscientists and architects strongly suggests that harmonic architecture may indeed have positive measurable effects in promoting a sense of well-being, healthier mental states. A closer look at the geodome outdoor classroom reveals that children deepen their understanding of what they are studying by association and are more apt to engage and integrate connections to their natural environment through practical hands-on learning. An outdoor classroom prevents nature-deficit disorder by supporting children’s natural curiosity to learn about the natural world. Children of all ages love gardening in a nature smart geodesic greenhouse by Pacific Domes! The nature smart outdoor greenhouse classroom gives children of all ages the opportunity to explore and learn sustainability education. Outdoor Grow Dome for Sale Geo-engineered solar grow domes by Pacific Domes become the perfect social hub by providing excellent ventilation and maxing 360 °sunlight. The expansive and engaging geodome environment contributes much towards the success of nature smart enrichment programs for schools, organizations and communities. Geodome outdoor classrooms use the ‘doing more with less’ principle in that they enclose the largest volume of interior space with the least amount of surface area thus saving on materials and cost. The spherical tensegrity design created by triangles has unparalleled strength, is suited to all types of terrains and is built to withstand extreme weather conditions in many harsh environments. Nature’s perfect structure, geodome design is visible in the many varied patterns and frequencies found everywhere in nature. Geodomes double their diameter, producing eight times their volume and quadrupling growing space. A geodome greenhouse maximizes growing potential with a 360° solar advantage. Cost-effective, durable and long-lasting, solar grow domes are naturally energy efficient, allowing for cool air circulation in the summer and optimizing heat circulation in the winter. Dome style greenhouses provide excellent spaces for vertical growing towers used in aeroponics and hydroponics. Touted as the future of greenhouse growing, a basic tower garden unit can grow forty or more plants per tower! An industry leader in the grassroots outdoor education movement, Pacific Domes has been instrumental in expanding nature smart inspired learning programs by raising awareness as to the importance of balancing nature smart education with futuristic technologies. The more technology in a typical indoor classroom, the greater the need to take learning environments outdoors into natural lighting. With over 30 years of industry expertise, the award-winning U.S. manufacturer has pioneered the best portable prefab geodesic domes and solar greenhouse geodome building systems for outdoor classrooms with a global outreach. Pacific Domes professional team handles architectural renderings from design to manufacture. Free-standing prefab geodesic domes and solar greenhouse geodome building systems by Pacific Domes are a sound investment towards exploring sustainability through our connection with nature. To quote Richard Louv, author of “The Nature Principle”, “The future will belong to the Nature Smart… those individuals, families, businesses and political leaders who develop a deeper understanding of the transformative power of the natural world, and who balance the virtual with the real.
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