Natural Building Architecture

Can natural building architecture lead to healthier lives by transforming our human habitats and our planet for the better? Imagine cleaning up smog-filled metropolitan areas and ending air pollution forever – imagine breathing clean air, drinking pure water and consuming fresh local produce by simply reintroducing Nature and natural building architecture back into our living spaces.

Proponents of natural building architecture aim to bring the natural environment in every aspect of architecture: from abundant plant life to natural light, ventilation, and structural forms that mimic Nature. The study of the basic geometry found in Nature, known as biophilic architecture, reveals that natural building design can have remarkable restorative benefits on our ecosystem; thus, hugely impacting our daily mental and physical states. It’s an approach that aims to plug people into our natural environment.

Future of Cities Greenscapes

We, humans, are hardwired to be in Nature – we are part of Nature.

Future of Cities – a holistic approach to regenerative natural building architecture.

The brain seems to behave differently when exposed to contemplative vs. non-contemplative buildings. Historically, buildings designed and surrounded by natural landscapes – such as, museums, churches, and libraries have proven to have measurable positive effects on our mental states.

Recent research conducted by a team of architects and neuroscientists suggests that architecture may indeed affect mental states. Additionally, recent data from the study of physics and molecular biology explains and validates the environmental influence of shapes on human beings, demonstrating that human brain patterns are notably different in frequencies created by harmonic architecture versus dissonant, box-like, concrete jungle environments.

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Harmonic architecture is a philosophy of organic architecture, which promotes harmony between human habitations and the natural world. Harmonic architecture stems from a reverence for the inter-connectedness of all life, and focuses on the understanding that the human psyche cannot thrive when disconnected from its natural environment.


The Power of Sound Healing in Natural Building Architecture

Ever since our cave dwelling ancestors listened to the acoustic wonders of whispering walls humans have attempted to unravel the mysteries of how sound spreads and rebounds around them. The science of cymatics supports that sound anywhere near humans and any organic life will create a physical change within that organism and its electromagnetic fields. Today, more and more people are rediscovering health and healing through the harmonically attuned energetic qualities of geodesic domes.

Organic design approaches can, also, be found in the study of ancient sacred geometry principles; such as, the traditional Hindu system of Vaastu, in which dwellings and the surrounding areas become a unified, interrelated composition. Ancient Vaastu geometry merged with powerful Harmonic Resolution Therapy™ (InnerSense, Inc.) technology when Pacific Domes of Southern Oregon joined with InnerSense, Inc. to bring you the Sound-Light Healing and Meditation Dome Studio. InnerSense, Inc. utilizes sound, light and color to create immersive meditation spaces for transformational healing and to induce states of deeper self-awareness. This triggers the body’s innate capacity to heal itself – and, as we know, transforming the world begins with healing ourselves, first.

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Transforming the world begins first, with our own personal healing journey. 

To this end, Pacific Domes Sound-Light Yoga and Meditation Dome Studios have become an integral part of bringing the healing and harmony of the natural environment to humanity. Synchronizing us to the resonant frequencies of Universal Energy and encouraging total relaxation, Sound-Light Meditation Domes vibrate with cosmic energy to enhance our perception of Oneness with all that is. This is the sensation that one experiences in a Vaastu Sound-light Meditation Dome.

Sound-Light Healing and Meditation Domes are ideal for healing centers, retreat centers and on-the-road tours. Smaller, portable meditation domes are available to accommodate private homes, as well. These immersive “InnerTainment” Meditation Studios, created through the collaborative efforts of InnerSense, Inc. and Pacific Domes, are limited only by one’s imagination. Transform your life today and see the influence self-healing has on the healing and transformation of our entire planet!