Insulated Liners – Comfort Meets Function!

“All-Season Thermal Insulation” – Made in the USA by Pacific Domes

How do you insulate a fabric-covered dome? We invite you to follow along as we reveal how incredibly quick and easy it is to transform your ecoliving dome with insulated liners.

Thermal Liners are designed to make your dome home interior cozier and more inviting than ever before.

Introduction to Insulated Liners

Dome fans around the world, consider thermal insulated liners to be an  essential upgrade to their geodome shelters. Just as you would want to insulate the interior walls of any conventional home for protection from the elements, you’ll want to outfit your natural fiber dome home with a high-quality insulated liner  keeping you and your loved ones comfortable, no matter what Mother Nature unleashes your way.

Why Insulated Liners?

If you plan on spending time in your geodome, you want it to stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter, right? Insulated liners allow dome dwellers to live comfortably year-round from humid tropical landscapes to scorching Arizona summers to frigid Alaskan winters.

living room inside dome home

Goodbye Chilly Nights! Insulation Liners elevate the comfort of your dome home in any climate or temperature.

Geodesic domes are known, not only for their unique design and Zen-like warmth, but for their exceptional energy-efficiency, as well. That said, the goal is to keep the interior of your dome as close to ambient temperatures as possible.  Adding that extra layer of thermal  insulation can make a huge difference – no matter where on the planet you decide to erect your dome sweet home!

What Materials are Insulated Liners made from?

Liners are a game-changer in providing insulation and comfort throughout both hot and cold months. These insulative liners are made of water-resistant, fire-retardant Oxford nylon cloth that traps heat or cold with a Thinsulate™ liner backing. Handmade and crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, the insulative properties of our liners help regulate temperature, ensuring your dome remains comfortable – no matter the season.

Asilia, Africa - insulated dome Interior dome
Custom quilted insulated liners are essential protection for both hot and cold climates

Adding an extra layer of thick, quilted lining that is attractively attached to the supporting geodesic structure enhances its insulation properties. Once installed, you’ll experience a noticeable difference in comfort.

Liners are designed to effortlessly attach to the inside of your dome’s frame, creating a dead air space between the outer cover and the inner liner. And the mildew and mold-resistant properties of insulative liners ensure a hygienic and healthy environment – giving you peace of mind throughout the seasons.

With an easy installation process, you’ll transform your space in no time!

Ridgeback Glamping Dome
20′ Dome Home with winter liner, wood stove and zipper door.

Ideas from Dome Owners for Overall Comfort!

Insulative liners help reduce air conditioning costs on hot days and heating costs on cold days while providing you with an all-around stable room temperature.

16ft Dome - Thermo-Shield Insulative Paint

Taking the pride of dome home ownership up a notch, innovative owners have also discovered that they can regulate temperatures between the two extremes with Thermo-shield® insulative paint

Yet another idea: dome dwellers have successfully combined Reflectix®  with a mini-split HVAC and discovered that this can make a significant difference in comfort levels, as well.

Reflectix® is a space-age insulation that can be installed as shown in the photo or quilted between two pieces of insulative fabric

off-grid, dome home insulated with reflectix liner

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Don’t miss out on this year-round comfort upgrade! Experience the versatility of Pacific Domes’ Liners and stay comfortable in any climate and during inclement weather! Something to remember is that insulated liners can be purchased as a package with your dome –  yet, it’s never too late to add them as an accessory at a later date, as they can be purchased separately.

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