Reflectix® Insulated Dome Liners Offer EMF Protection

Did you know that Pacific Domes now offers EMF (electromagnetic field) protection to shield you from the potential health risks of EMF over-exposure. An EMF protection dome comes with a Reflectix® insulated dome liner, which blocks up to 90% of EMF. Additionally, the liner provides you with reduced heat transfer across the dome’s open space – touted as a primary function of reflective barriers.

A Reflectix® insulated dome liner consists of two outer layers of aluminum foil, bonded to a tough layer of polyethylene; and, two inner layers of insulating bubbles, which resist conductive heat flow and EMF. Then, Reflectix® is sewn between two layers of elegant white fabric; and later, attached to the inside of the dome frame.

EMF shield dome
Once the EMF shield curtain is closed, paired with the EMF dome shield liner, protection is reached

A Reflectix® curtain is offered with each dome liner. And, for your safety, the EMF protection dome comes with a copper grounding rod.

How it works

Reflectix® insulation reflects and separates ‘heat’ from -60° to a +180° without an R-value. The low emittance metal surface of reflective insulation blocks up to 96% of radiation – a significant part of heat transfer and EMF.

How does this stack up with other insulation products?

To varying degrees, different types of insulation products reduce heat transferred by either, conduction, convection or radiation. This means that each type provides thermal performance measured by corresponding ‘R’ values. (‘R’ means resistance to heat flow)

For example: A foam cup insulates and attains a small R-value, while the heat from a thermos is reflected back inside and reflects away exterior cold. The reflective surface of the lining keeps liquid either, hot or cold – or, as is the case of Reflectix®, it acts as a radiant barrier in hot or cold climates.

Thermos and Foam Cup

In this illustration radiation is reduced to a minimum by silvering the thermos. Would you rather drink coffee from a thermos jug or a foam cup hours later?

EMF, Smart Meter, WiFi Protection and 5G

As smart technology, cell towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi and EMF increases, it’s evident that shielding becomes even more important to you and your family’s health. EMF exposure affects children and pregnant women most.

Electric utility companies have almost all gone to the use of Smart Meters. Did you know that Smart Meters put out large amounts of RF Radiation?

Some people are extremely sensitive to RF frequencies (ElectroHyperSensitivity – EHS). But, you might be happy to learn that you can build a simple DIY Faraday cage to block Smart Meter frequencies by over 95%!

RF Blocking Faraday Cage for Smart Meter

Smart Meter EMF Protector

Materials List (available at your local hardware):

(1) 4”w Galvenized Metal Strip (cut 20.5”long)

(1) 6” Galv. Round Duct Cap (4” deep)

(2) 7” Adjustable Metal Duct Clamps

Most people living in populated areas probably can’t get away from the effects of Wi-Fi because it’s everywhere. Even if you were to disconnect your personal router, you’re still likely to be exposed to Wi-Fi at work, in your neighborhood, or at grocery stores and restaurants.

That said, you can take some proactive measures  to protect you and your family’s health. Begin by exploring the internet  to learn more about the range of effective and affordable products – what they do and how they work.

According the EMF Academy, aluminum reduces EMF radiation by absorbing or scattering the photons as they pass through. Read more about Pacific Domes Reflectix® insulated dome liners here.

With 5G rolling out in the near future, Pacific Domes has plans to do a test with a 5G tower to show the detector reading with and without the Reflectix® shield. That will be telling… stay tuned!

A must watch Free full-length YouTube 5G documentary by Sacha Stone of the New Earth Project (New Earth Media). Featured in this film are weapons development experts, biologists, molecular & cellular biologists, blood microscopists, activists, as well as, frontline leaders.

Our domes are made with top-of-the-line materials and come with excellent warranties. Pacific Domes offers a variety of new and used domes on sale at discounted prices. These domes are ready to ship from our warehouse.