Higher Frequency

How do we construct a higher frequency multidimensional pyramid inside of a geodesic dome structure? Asha, founder of Pacific Domes, provides us with a brief overview in this video on Harmonic Architecture.

Vaastu meditation and yoga dome

Since the entire physical universe consists of vibrating sound and light, our health is greatly influenced by our surroundings. Spending time inside a Vaastu dome will generate a conscious field which will support the evolution of the soul as we entrain to the vibrations around us.

“The higher frequency is generated from the multidimensional pyramid (fire in the middle) the center point or singularity at the center. This harmonic frequency resonates energetic qualities throughout the dome’s interior.”

Our ancestors have been building domes for centuries, yet, it took the American ingenuity of R. Buckminster Fuller, in bringing the world the geodesic dome to realize its full potential as a healing structure. Fuller used multidimensional scaling in the construction of the geodesic dome. Although this isn’t a commonly used term, multidimensional scaling simply put, means the repetition of similarly paired sets of points, i.e. the triangulated shape of the geodesic dome. These points are arranged in such a way that the geometrical distance between them will reflect empirical relationships within its monolithic structure.

Let’s take a deeper dive into how spending time inside a geodesic dome structure might affect our sense of wellbeing. Pacific Domes had the opportunity to interview Marshall Lefferts, author of the book, “Cosmometry”. In this video, Marshall gives us a little insight into R. Buckminster Fuller’s vision and how it inspired him – from the science of sacred geometry to what makes domes so strong. Pacific Domes is happy to share some of his knowledge!


The result of years of vibrational science research, the Transcendome is the world’s first group biofeedback experience. It’s a multi-sensory journey, where Don Estes, founder of InnerSense,Inc. guides the group experience in achieving lasting positive effects through harmonic resonance.

The Legend of Greater Things

We’re so excited to introduce our friends from The Legend of Greater Things, a yoga retreat center located in Arkansas. We love their beautiful and spacious 50-ft. diameter yoga dome!

In a Sound-Light Healing Dome health can be restored, stress reduced and pain diminished. We invite you to browse our Yoga Domes flipbook and watch some of our Yoga Videos for additional inspiration.

For further study into the science and technology of Vedic Architecture, researchers and students might enjoy reading Mayan’s Aintiram, an English translation by Dr. S.B. Sabharathnam – copies available from the Vaastu Vedic Research Foundation, Dr. V. Sthapati.

Catch the Vision of Back to Nature

Following in the footsteps of ‘Bucky’ Fuller, Pacific Domes vision is to inspire a sustainable world using ecoliving domes to model harmonious coexistence with the earth. We are proud to stand with earth stewards that share our holistic approach to sustainable development, such as Future of Cities, a think tank and platform that seeks to rewild our cities by introducing Nature-inspired regenerative placemaking into flailing urban infrastructures.