Vaastu Domes

Vaastu Domes

Living in a Vaastu dome will generate a conscious field which will support the evolution of the soul. Each dome comes with a personal Vaastu Dome reading. Click here for example.

“The structure of the Vaastu inspired dome vibrates with cosmic energy and the bodily instrument resonates with this vibration. To create and offer a home of supreme bliss, and to enable us to experience that supreme bliss, here in this mundane house itself, these are the prime motives of Vaastu science”. Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati.

Vaastu describes the physics of creation in terms of Aum sound and Aum light, which are inseparable from Consciousness. This physics has recently been validated by award winning physicists, Nassim Haramein. The sound/ light measurement in Vaastu is the same measurement found when energy turns to matter. Vaastu science dates 13,900 BC. It is believed that Feng Shui was born from this Vedic physics approximately 6,000 years ago.

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Vaastu Dome