Yoga Domes

Peace Begins Within

Looking for a sacred space in which to deepen your yoga practice and raise your vibration? The Geodesic Dome is a multidimensional pyramid which creates a peaceful environment imbued with Divine Consciousness. Many yogis utilize the subtle vibrations within the harmonic architecture of the Geodesic Dome to experience unity consciousness which is Yoga.

Prana Fest

A weekend of celebration and full on devotion to the Divine with an epic all-star lineup of kirtan leaders and sonic shamans! Yoga, meditation, in-depth classes and workshops were taught by top teachers in the intimate and nurturing setting created with three Pacific Domes Yoga Domes.

Harmonic Architecture In Geozomes

New research conducted by a team of architects and neuroscientists strongly suggests that the harmonic architecture found in geodesic domes has measurable effects in promoting more positive mental states.

Yoga Dome Tent at Wanderlust Festival

Pacific Domes helped LuluLemon elevate yogic practices at Wanderlust to a new level by using the same geometry at the root of heavenly spheres and the molecules of your body within a 44-foot geodesic yoga dome.