All About Dome Life in a 44-ft. Dome Home

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What’s dome life like in a 44-ft dome home? To answer this question, we revisited what one of our clients, Shawn Hauseman had to say. Shawn is a prominent architect in Ojai California. He built a 44-ft dome home from a Pacific Domes prefab dome kit.

44 ft. dome home
This 44ft. dome home was designed by architect Shaun Hausman, Ojai, CA


About Dome Architecture

Many people are discovering the unique Zen-like qualities inherent in dome architecture. The harmonic architecture of domes is based on the ancient science of Sacred Geometry.

Exploring the energetic qualities of domes enables one to recognize that each dome size produces a resonant field that’s unique to that structure. The resonant field of a 44-ft. dome home creates an environment that supports both inner and outer beauty. This frequency supports harmony and order on many levels – an all-encompassing relationship as one journeys through life.

44 ft. dome home
44 ft. dome at Lake Hawea, New Zealand

44-ft. Dome Specifications

44ft Dome Home Overhead

Below is the ecoliving 44-ft. Dome Home Specifications chart – which, can be customized to your specifications.

Specifications: 44-ft./ 13m Dome

Floor Area: 1520 sq. ft. / 141 sq. meters
Ceiling height: 22-ft. / 6.7 meters
Approx. dome weight: 4,303 lbs. / 1,952kg.
Frame pkg:   Pallet 1: 72″x 48″x 28″ / 1.8 x 1.2 x .7 meters Pallet 2: 72″x 48″x 26″ / 1.8 x 1.2 x .7 meters
Cover package: 60″x40″x40″/ 1.5×1 x1 meters
Bay Window: 15-ft. h x 30-ft. w (4.6×9.1 meters)  
Frequency: 6 / No. of Struts: 555
Max Wind w/ No Snow: 150mph

Package Includes

Frame:  Standard 1.3″ galvanized steel
Cover: Shelter Cover w/removable bay window
12 Removeable round windows / Bay window
2-base ventilation roll-ups w/zipper
Weather-tight door or prehung door opening
Anchoring: Hardware for any type of surface Instructions: Dome care & assembly manual  
Custom Options:
*chat with a Customer Support Rep
44 ft. (13)m) dome
The 44 ft. (13 m) dome has a floor area of 1,520 sq. ft. (141 sq. m)
and a ceiling center height of 22 ft. (6.7 m)

Dome Home Features, Benefits & Services

This section aims at providing you with the various features, benefits and services of ecoliving dome homes – as well as, helping you weigh-in on some of the general FAQ’s and considerations, pros and cons of building with portable, prefab dome kits.

Pacific Domes geodesic-engineered domes are known for their portability and ease of set-up. Manufactured in the USA from high-strength galvanized steel,prefab dome home kits are the preferred choice when it comes to building in remote wilderness areas subject to high-winds, hot deserts or tropical climates – perfect for off-grid living.

Considered semi-permanent structures, they can be taken down or relocated at any time. Should you wish to create a permanent structure dome kits can be retrofitted, as well.

Geodome Design Advantages

An important dome design advantage is their energy-efficiency and ability to withstand nature’s extremes – including, winter snow loads. Geodesic domes have proven to be the only structure left standing in the aftermath of a hurricane or earthquake.   

Building with Prefab Geodome Kits

Ready to build with prefab geodome kit? To demonstrate how easy it is to build with a prefab dome home kit, Pacific Domes has put together a number of ‘How to Guides’ and a 5-part video series to facilitate with your construction project – even if you’ve never built anything before.

We hope you found this post helpful when considering whether a 44-ft. dome home will suit your needs. If you’re interested in other prefabricated dome kit sizes, we invite you to visit our Dome Sizes and Specs.

If you want to learn more about building with a prefab geodesic dome, head on over to Pacific Domes Knowledge Base or YouTube Channel – learn how easy it is to build with a prefab dome home kit.