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Dome Home Kits and Portable Event Structures

If you’re searching for information on dome kits, welcome to our blog about the 20-ft. geodesic dome. You might find this blog helpful when considering whether a 20-ft. diameter dome will suit your needs. It’s our aim to provide you with the various features and benefits of 20-ft. geodesic domes– as well as, help you weigh-in on some of the general FAQ’s and considerations of building with portable geodome kits.

Building with Geodome Kits

Wondering about building with prefab geodome kits? Pacific Domes has put together a number of ‘How to Guides’ to facilitate with your construction project – even, if you’ve never built anything before.

By the way, the first part of this blog discusses 20-ft. Dome Homes – and, the last section discusses 20-ft. Event Domes and multi-use tent shelters. If you’re more interested in Event Domes or multi-use tent shelters you may wish to skip past this section.

Two styles of 20-ft. geodesic dome homes

First, you’ll want to become familiar with the two styles of 20-ft. geodesic domes available. In addition to the standard 20-ft. dome, Pacific Domes offers a 20-ft.nomadic dome for those who love its portability and ease of set-up. Watch the dome frequencies video – or, visit Pacific Domes knowledge base to do a deeper dive.   

2v Pentagon shape in dome

Below is the 20-ft. Dome Home Specifications chart – may be customized to suit your needs.  Visit Pacific Domes for additional Dome Sizes and Specs.

20-ft./ 6m 2v Nomad Dome

Specifications 300 sq. ft.
Ceiling height: 10-ft.
Approx. dome weight: 600 lbs.
Frame package: 66″ x 25″ x 20″
Cover package: 32″ x 32″ x 25″
Package Includes:
Frame: 1.3″ galvanized steel
Cover: White Sunshield Vinyl w/ removable bay window
4 Removeable round windows
Bay window 5-ft. h x 14-ft. w
2-base ventilation roll-ups w/ zipper
Doors: 1 zippered pentadoor

Assembly time: 2-4 hours with crew of 2 or 4

20-ft./ 6m 3v Dome

Specifications 300 sq. ft.
Ceiling height: 11-ft. 8in..
Approx. dome weight: 929 lbs.
Frame package: 60″ x 28″ x 21″
Cover package: 32″ x 32″ x 34″
Package Includes:
Frame: 1.3″ galvanized steel
Cover: White Sunshield Vinyl w/ removable bay window
6 Removeable round windows
Removeable Bay window 7ft. h x 16ft. w
2-base ventilation roll-ups w/ zipper
Choice of Door Openings: 
zippered pentadoor/ or
Pre-hung door opening *(door not included)
Assembly time: 4+ hours with crew of 3 or 4
20ft Dome Home

20-ft. Dome

Geodesic Dome Features & Services

Design Advantages

Manufactured in the USA from high-strength galvanized steel, ecoliving geodesic-engineered domes are known for their portability and ease of set-up. Considered semi-permanent structures, they can be taken down or relocated at any time. That said, did you know that another cool thing about prefab dome kits is that they can be retrofitted to create permanent structures, as well?

Yet, another cool thing about domes is their energy-efficiency and ability to withstand nature’s extremes. Prefab geodome kits are the preferred choice when it comes to building in remote wilderness areas subject to high-winds, hot deserts or tropical climates – and, let’s not forget winter snow loads. Geodesic domes have proven to be the only structure left standing in the aftermath of a hurricane or earthquake.

Dome Life Design

Dome life design is conducive to an ecoliving lifestyle. Why is this? Because the harmonic architecture of domes is an ancient science based on Sacred Geometry.

Those who are familiar with the energetic qualities of domes understand that each dome size produces a resonant field that’s unique to each structure. The resonant field of a 20-ft. dome creates a structure that supports abundance and creativity – especially, when it comes to musical sounds and instruments.

Portable 20-ft. Event Domes

The first thing to know about Event Domes is the fact that people love that they can feel safe and secure knowing their event structure will hold up during unpredictable weather. These portable, tent-like structures lend themselves to a wide variety of functional uses for the event industry – as well as, for smaller gatherings like weddings.

Wedding Dome

Freestanding Event Dome frames support lighting, sound and projection equipment. Dome covers are customizable with your event branding. Pacific Domes invites you to browse their 20-ft. event dome brochure and event dome video gallery to learn more.

Multi-Use Tent Shelters

Pacific Domes manufactures portable greenhouses and playground domes. Browse our online store to learn more about specifications and prices for 20-ft. greenhouses. Standard playground domes can be upgraded and customized to suit your needs – for example, construction of indoor-outdoor jungle gym and rope challenge courses.

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