Workshop Domes & Yoga Venues

What does the future hold for the 1.5 trillion dollar Wellness Industry in 2024? We invite you to follow along as we explore the exciting horizon with Workshop Domes, e.g. Yoga Venues!

As we peer into the crystal ball, it reveals that consumer interest in health and wellness therapies and modalities unveils a promising future for enterprising professionals who wish to offer their skills and practices in this rapidly expanding landscape. The new normal in this post-pandemic era has catalyzed a transformative shift in priorities, with an astounding 50 percent of US consumers now deeming wellness to be a relevant aspect of their daily lives – an impressive surge from 42 percent in 2020.

Against this backdrop, a kaleidoscope of health and wellness programs is emerging and redefining the way individuals engage in self-care and holistic practices. Workshop Domes and Yoga Venues stand poised at the intersection of this ‘feel good’ wellness craze to offer opportunities for the creation of all types of higher frequency dome spaces, retreats and events – everything from transformative Mindfulness Retreats, to Sound-Healing Therapies, to Meditation and Yoga practices.

Aerial Yoga Swing Dome

Group Yoga play in a 24′ dome with Jen Healy

Aerial Yoga Tents are available in assorted sizes to accommodate any venue.

Featured Zen Healyng Workshop

Jen Healy, founder of Zen Healyng, claims that flipping your world upside down, has abundant health benefits!  Beyond how cool and fun it is to play on the Quantum Playground, using a Zen Healyng Yoga Swing is a gentle way to open, align and relax both spine & muscles, rehydrate discs, reduce pressure and target pain at the source – anchoring your mind and body in a receptive healing mode.

Effective as a form of inversion therapy, Zen Healyng aerial yoga has proven to be a vital tool in reversing the effects of gravity.  Zen Healyng anti-gravity aerial yoga has added benefits unlike any other form of therapeutic treatment or exercise.

Zen Healyng Aerial Yoga Venues

Zen Healyng has been quite a hit at many events and festivals with its colorful display of Aerial Yoga Swings and low-level Monkey Yoga Bars. Jen Healy’s mobile Yoga Swings are a popular attraction at Earth Day SF, New Living Expo, Symbiosis, Movement Play, Harmony Festival, Wanderlust, Enchanted Forest, Divine Play, Earthdance, Burningman, Bhaktifest, 11-11-11 Unification Gathering, Envision Festival and other numerous events and festivals.

Jen Healy suspends from her mobile Yoga Swings in Maura Rassman’s Aum Dome in Encinitas, California

10 Zen Healyng Aerial Yoga Benefits of Hanging Upside Down…

Normal weight-bearing activities, such as, sitting, standing, exercising, squeeze fluid out of your discs and into adjacent soft tissue. Clinical studies show that when inverted the separation between the vertebrae increases, this allows for absorption of moisture into the soft tissue of the discs, increasing the nutrient flow, as well as plumping the discs for better shock absorption and flexibility.

#1 Significant Reduction in Back Pain – Hanging upside down, significantly reduces stress in your back muscles and reduces, or even eliminates, acute and chronic pain… feels like a body massage.

#2: Reduces Stress – Within seconds, you begin to feel the relaxing benefits of inversion. Simply hanging upside with eyes closed is a great time for meditation or just relaxation.

#3: Improves Focus, Balance, and Brain Function – More blood to the head means more oxygen, which means better brain function.

#4: Improves Leg & Core Strength – One of the greatest benefits of inversion is in exercising without interacting with the ground. You can do upside down squats, crunches, or even push-ups.

#5: Improves Joint Health – If you have suffered from any pain in your joints, especially in your back, consider using inversion to decompress and improve your overall health.

#6: Better Flexibility – Inversion is one of the quickest and easiest method to improve your flexibility.

#7: You Get Taller! – Amazing! Inverting twice a day, can increases your height permanently!

#8: Better Posture – Core strengthening exercises improve with your posture.

#9: Clears Skin & Reduces Wrinkles – An increase in oxygen-rich blood, results in clearer skin and fewer facial wrinkles.

#10: Improves Your Lymphatic System – Inversion assists your body to drain toxins through the lymphatic system.

Jen Healy suspends from her mobile Yoga Swings in Maura Rassman’s Aum Dome in Encinitas, California

Expanding on the synergetic principles originated by R. Buckminster Fuller, Pacific Domes has been working on perfecting the function and beauty of their portable geodesic domes for more than 40-years in Ashland, Oregon. Using ancient Vedic physics, each dome is scaled to specific measurements, creating harmonics that support biology and the growth of the soul.

yoga geodesic building system