5 Event Marketing – Winter Eco Resorts in the World of Igloo Domes

Innovative Product Branding & Winter Eco-Resort Business Opportunities
“Magic happens inside Igloo Domes… they become the hub of every ski resort!”
― Pacific Domes

Ice hotels and Ice bars, aka Igloo Domes, have been met with enthusiastic public reviews that are reaping financial rewards for Event Marketers, Eco-Resorts and Winter Sports Eco-Tourism. The latest entrepreneurial avalanche to hit the slopes of winter resorts and event marketing, Igloo Domes offer innovative tent shelters for winter sports themes, product branding and unique resort lodging.

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Pacific Domes of Southern Oregon has worked with some of the world’s leading Event Marketing and Eco-Tourism Industries in transforming geo-engineered dome homes into Ice Hotels and Ice Bars. With a light eco-footprint, portable Igloo Domes go just about anywhere on the planet to create winter magic.

Patrón Igloos… Copper Mountain, Aspen/Snowmass, Crested Butte and Telluride
A winter event marketing campaign forged a collaborative partnership between Patrón and Pacific Domes at several Colorado Ski Resorts. Ice bars with imprinted brand messages gained quite a ‘buzz’ with winter sports aficionados who came to enjoy their favorite drink and lounge with friends after a day on the slopes.

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Mammoth Ski Resort, Mammoth Lakes, California
Looming over Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort like a colossal spaceship, the geo-engineered Prizm™ Performance Lab dome was a collaborative marketing effort between Oakley, Mammoth Mountain and Pacific Domes to showcase the latest revolutionary lens technology invented by Oakley scientists and innovators. The imposing igloo dome tent served as the control center, setting off six different team sport competitions to test PRIZM™ lenses and challenge participants.

Oakley-Mammoth-Pacific Domes

Hotel Pashmina
A 16’ Pacific Dome, fondly called the “Igloo Pod”, sits elegantly on the hotel roof, overlooking the ski slopes and spectacular views of the starry night sky. The Igloo Pod is lined with Pacific Domes specialized thinsulate liner and is decorated with furs and other stylish touches, offering visitors a specialized lodging experience.

Hotel Pashmina Dome-Pacific Domes

Iglu Dorf
The construction of two beautiful Ice Hotel domes nestled amidst a snowy igloo village in Zermatt, Switzerland has become quite a tourist attraction. The Ice Bars popularize any event and are a great place to unwind and acclimate to snow.

igludorf-pacific domes

Whitepod Eco Resort
This private Alpen winter eco-resort nestled in the majestic snow-laden Swiss Alps, offers individual, group or honeymoon stays featuring 15 spacious geodome ‘pods’. Everyone looks forward to relaxing in one of the pods after a day on the slopes and a hearty winter meal at the lodge.

whitepod-pacific domes

Geo-engineered steel frames by Pacific Domes, handle extreme wind and snow loads, accommodate heating and cooling systems. The naturally illuminated beauty and tensile strength of long-lasting UV resistant, flame-proof and waterproof covers give geodomes a futuristic Zen-like closeness with nature.

whitepod-pacific domes

Geodomes support most lighting and sound equipment. Various types of floorings can be installed in geodomes to provide a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing unique environment for every function. Multiple geodome structures may be connected to create a whole dome complex.