What is Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming?

Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming is where a person can experience being in a 3-D environment and interact with that environment during a game. This is an essential part of the game.” ― Virtual Reality Society The big-picture scope of Virtual Reality (VR) gaming is in creating the illusion that we’re someplace we aren’t. The future of VR gaming is all about enhancing the gamers’ involvement through what is known as the ‘immersive experience.’ Immersive virtual reality gaming environments are on the leading-edge of gaming, offering immersion as well as entirely different experiences for gamers. It’s clear that the evolving world of VR gaming offers an exciting entertainment and educational platform that’s here to stay.
VR Domes - Pacific Domes
VR dome at Eclipse Festival, OR, USA
How VR Gaming Works in a Nutshell Currently, VR gaming makes use of headgear, such as the Occulus Rift.  However, prolonged use has been known to have unpleasant side-effects. The good news is that the future of VR gaming technology is evolving at warp speed and soon promises to deliver an awesome interactive VR gaming experience using Biosensing technology. Biosensors are a neural interface technology that detects nerve and muscle activity. Small biosensors are attached to a gamer’s data glove, suit or body. Simply put, biosensors perceive a person’s presence in a VR gaming environment by recording movements made by that person in a 3D space. These movements are fed back to a computer, which then analyzes the data and uses this to transform actions into the appropriate responses on the gaming screen. Example of VR Gaming Technology Biosensing technology is being explored by the VR gaming industry with great success. The video (below) demonstrates the application of biosensing technology in the creation of “Detroit: Become Human,” a Virtual Reality Game that made its debut May 25, 2018. The main actors in the interview are wearing sensors on their faces and bodies.
The Best in Immersive VR Gaming Environments Gets Better… “At the end of the day, it’s all about enhancing the gamer’s experience through immersive fulldome gaming environments.” ― Pacific Domes, Inc. Geodesic-engineered gaming domes bring the perfect augmented reality platform to the wide world of gaming fun and education for everyone. The dome’s spatial arena provides a unique sense of space.
what is vr gaming, what is virtual reality gaming
VR dome at Eclipse Festival 2017, Oregon, USA
Pacific Domes teamed up with California gaming giant EA Games (AKA Electronic Arts, Inc.) to showcase their new product launch. Gamers had the best virtual reality seat in the house in the spacious 360 ultimate gaming dome environment ! EA E3 2018 Tune in to watch E3 2018 June 9, 2018, and join the GameSpot team for their predictions and reactions to all of the biggest announcements! In case you can’t watch the live event, you can always watch it later on YouTube.
‘VR for Good’ Meet-ups Is it possible to benefit society with VR Gaming edutainment? ‘VR for Good’ Meet-ups are sprouting up and sparking conversation about how virtual reality can affect positive social outcomes. The Phoenix VR for Good Meet-up group is about making a difference!
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