How to Build a Geodesic Dome Home

“Geodesic Dome Home construction – even if you’ve never built anything before.” by Pacific Domes

Folks are discovering that there’s a lot of buzz these days around building with geodesic dome kits. Pacific Domes invites you to read on…

If the prospect of building a dome home gets you excited, you’ve come to the right place to explore the step-by-step of How to build a Dome. Take a deep breath and enjoy some inspiration from other dome home builders – here’s how one geodesic dome builder did it.

dome home build
Pony wall with 20 ft. dome and bathroom/loft

Why Domes?

Searching for sustainable solutions to global issues, the emerging science of biomimicry explores how Nature does it. Biomimicry confirms that geodesic design is found everywhere in Nature in the form of Sacred Geometry

dome home
By building the kitchen in a separate room, there is now a loft for a bed, 24 ft. dome.

As a forerunner to the science of biomimicry, Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the modern day geodesic dome, observed how the spider’s web mimics Nature’s geometry to withstand the extreme forces of Nature. Through trial and error experimentation, he came to the realization that geodesic architecture is capable of doing the same – geodesic domes are often the only structure left standing in the aftermath of natural disaster.  

Dome Building 101

dome home
24 ft. dome home living room view with bay window.

We hope that you’ll take some time to explore Pacific Domes Knowledge Base, learn some Dome Faqs and browse our gallery of flipbooks, photos and videos. While you’re at it, you might want to delve into Pacific Domes list of How to Guides – everything you might want to know in order to simplify the construction process from the ground up! 

dome kitchen
Dome kitchen built in a stand alone style with the loft on top

Preliminary Considerations When Building a Dome Home

Does your life fit a dome lifestyle? Now that we’ve explored why building a dome home is starting to make more and more sense to you, you’ll want to weigh in on a few preliminary considerations when building a dome home.

Next, let’s unpack some easy first steps to building with a prefab dome home kit manufactured by Pacific Domes, USA.

  • Determine the short or long-term dome uses. Is the dome intended for temporary or permanent use? Is its location in an area where established neighborhoods and permits won’t present an issue?
  • Determine the size of your dome.
  • Determine your ‘must havefeatures and services.

Now that you’ve taken care of some important first steps, you’re ready to begin the actual step-by-step building process. We hope you’ll find Pacific Domes “How to Build a Geodesic Dome” video helpful in providing instructional details, such as laying out and setting up a geodome ’s components – the frame, doors, windows and fire-resistant cover. 

bathroom plumbed through the floorr
Bathroom plumbed through the floor

More… Your Dome can pay your mortgage

Did you know that your dome can pay your mortgage? Hospitality industry booking sites, such as, Airbnb and Hipcamp have popularized Dome glamping (glamorous camping) as a unique way to experience the outdoors.

For inspiration, learn how a New AirBnB Host Crushes it w/Glamping Dome. And, for more inspiration, explore Pacific Domes Map of Dome Glamping Stays around the globe – it’s where you’ll find everything from private home stays, farm stays and glamping to remote basecamps, yoga retreats and chic eco-resorts.

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