First Shelter Dome at Madre Grande, the Birthplace of Pacific Domes

Pacific Domes history - First Dome Tent

Pacific Domes of Southern Oregon has been pioneering eco-friendly Geodesic Dome Shelters for sustainable living since 1980.

We build Geodesic Dome Shelters and Resort Shelter Domes for Award Winning Glamping Sites and Top Eco Resorts around the globe.

Pacific Domes was born amidst the gorgeous coastal scapes of Madre Grande in Southern California. During that same timeline Asha Deliverance, the founder of Pacific Domes, gave birth to her son Elias, in was to become the very first Pacific Dome. Elias has the distinction of setting up more domes than anyone in the world… that’s a lot of domes!

Madre Grande monastery is a sister community to the world-renowned Findhorn Foundation in Northern Scotland. Eileen and Peter Caddy, creators of the nature-based spiritual intentional community of Findhorn, spent much time at Madre Grande prior to founding Findhorn. Spiritual philosopher, David Spangler, also spent notable time at Madre Grande where many of the community members communicated with the nature kingdom. David Spangler, a self-described practical spiritual mystic, went on to assist the Caddy’s with transforming Findhorn into what has become a role model for residential spiritual education.

About Madre Grande today…
Madre Grande continues to share knowledge about happy and purposeful living with people of all ages, religions and cultural expressions encouraging all to live a positive and balanced life that respects each other and nature.