Collective Dreaming in the Dome

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” — Buckminster Fuller

About the Ancient Roots of Collective Dreaming

Collective Dreaming is an ancient practice ‒ our indigenous ancestors, wisdom keepers, shamans and leaders, sought to arrange their tribal communities around ultimate truths revealed through collective dreaming or dreamtime. What’s interesting is that these cultures did not separate waking life from the dream; rather, they sought to build a bridge between these two realms.  Dreams were encouraged, shared and  examined to help maintain the wellness, integrity and spiritual strength of the tribe.

Our ancestors understood that at the core of collective dreaming is the assumption that what we dream, we can manifest into a shared reality ‒ and, that in order to manifest a collective dream, we must first learn to quiet our mind-chatter and enter into a meditative state ‒ a state of being that deeply resonates during a time when many of us are confined to our homes and spending inordinate amounts of time alone.

Evolution of Collective Dreaming

In today’s society, there’s renewed interest in collective dreaming, as we seek sustainable ways to heal our planet. Now more than ever, collective dreaming is helping us evolve into a higher sense of purpose and direction.

Aided by any number of methodologies and tools; such as, meditation, rituals, dream induction, modern light-sound technologies and sacred architecture etc., we can become as aware and conscious when dreaming as we are during our waking moments. Several years back, Neuroscientists in Toronto conducted a virtual collective dreaming experiment where they obtained brain data from hundreds of people within a short span of time ‒ this led to new insights about the brain and opened new frontiers in neuroscience.

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Why is collective dreaming important?

Humans are innately social creatures – interacting in a social environment, such as community, goes with the territory. We are all living a collective dream that weaves our reality, our future destiny, into the very fabric of the web of life.

The magic and power behind collective dreaming is about evoking a dream that assumes responsibility for bringing truths revealed in dreamtime into physical manifestation through meaningful action in the world. Working with the collective ‒ whose overall vision is in alignment with your own ‒ implies a willingness to compromise a bit on your own personal vision by remaining flexible and patient.

Many of us are looking forward to welcoming a renewed sense of communal gatherings and social spaces without the need for screens. Working together in unity, creating sacred space around a specific focus to birth a shared reality that benefits everyone.

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