Collective Dreaming Retreats

“The best way to predict the future is to design it.”Buckminster Fuller

What if the future belongs to those who envision a more benevolent paradigm for our children and our planet? As we move forward into this next decade and watch outdated systems and infrastructures fall away, many are asking, “can we reclaim our lives and our future to create a collective dream that helps propel us into a higher sense of purpose and direction?

Is collective dreaming possible? Can humans have a collective dream about something? Is collective dreaming one of the tools at our disposal that could shift us into a new and healthier reality?

Yes, actually, collective dreaming is an ancient practice that goes back thousands of years ‒ our ancestors realized that at the core of collective dreaming is the assumption that what we dream, we can manifest into a shared reality. Thanks to modern brain and consciousness research, interest in collective dreaming is once again making its way into public arenas.

What is Collective Dreaming?

Let’s summarize what collective dreaming is. You may be familiar with the expression, “Be careful what you dream?” According to Jungian psychology, the collective unconscious, common to all humans, is deeply rooted in our culture, our beliefs and instincts about how the world around us operates ‒ within the collective dream, our beliefs weave our reality, our future destiny, into the very fabric of the web of life.

You can follow this thread, to see where it might lead you… Do you want to believe in a more abundant life ‒ peaceful co-existence between all races and creeds? How about a better family or workplace environment, healthcare or government system etc.?

collective dreaming

Why Collective Dreaming Retreats?

The magic and power behind collective dreaming is about evoking a dream that assumes responsibility for bringing truths revealed in dreamtime into physical manifestation through meaningful action in the world. Working with the collective ‒ whose overall vision is in alignment with your own ‒ implies a willingness to compromise a bit on your own personal vision by remaining flexible and patient.

Many of us are looking forward to welcoming a renewed sense of communal gatherings and social spaces without the need for screens. Working together in unity, creating sacred space around a specific focus to birth a shared reality that benefits everyone.

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