All About Nomad Domes

Perfect for add-on living accommodations, Airbnb, Glamping Resorts and for nomadic lifestyles, Nomad Dome kits are lightweight, portable and easy to assemble – they’re available in 16-ft. and 20-ft. sizes.

Nomad Domes are often set up on a deck and have optional heavy-duty vinyl flooring. Vinyl floors are available in a variety of colors. For colder climates, an insulated floor of Thinsulate sandwiched between two layers of vinyl is strongly recommended. We offer three-types of floor plans to choose from that are included with the purchase of the dome.

20ft Nomad Dome Home Costa Rica
16-ft. Nomad Dome

The distinguishing feature of the Nomad Domes, is that they have less struts (65 in total), making them much lighter and faster to assemble. Nomad Domes are 2-frequency (2v), while Dome Home kits are 3-frequency (3v) or higher with larger domes. Learn more in Frequencies Explained – Pacific Domes Knowledge Base of Customer Support Topics.

A 16-ft. Nomad Dome kit has a ceiling height of 8.5-ft. and comes with a zippered-door flap – while, the 20-ft. Nomad Dome has a ceiling height of 10-ft – with the added option of a prehung door opening.

20ft 2V Dome Home
20-ft. 2v Nomad Dome

16ft. /5m Nomad Dome Specifications

  • Floor area: 200 sq. ft. / 18 sq. meters
  • Ceiling height: 8’6”. / 2.6 meters
  • Approx. dome weight: 450 lbs. / 204 kg.
  • Bay Window: 5’ h x 14’w (1.5 x 4.3 meters)
  • Frame package: 5’x18”x18” (1.5x.5x.5 meters)
  • Cover package: 3’x 18”x18 (.9x.5x.5 meters)
  • Assembly time: 2 to 6 hours w/crew 2 – 4
  • Shipping Weights & Dims: 1.31 Frame: 66x15x15 @ 287 LBS. Cover/Accessories: 36x36x20 @ 160 LBS

20ft. / 6m Nomad Dome Specifications

  • Floor area: 300 sq. ft. / 28 sq. meters
  • Ceiling height: 10′ / 3.5 meters
  • Approx. dome weight: 566 lbs. / 257 kg.
  • Bay Window: 5’ h x 14’w (1.5 x 4.3 meters)
  • Frame package: 6.3’x18”x18” (1.5x.5x.5 meters)
  • Cover package: 3.3’x 3.3’x25” (.9x.5x.5 meters)
  • Assembly time: 4 to 10 hours w/ crew 3 – 4
  • Shipping Weights & Dims: 1.31 Frame: 76x18x18 @ 375 LBS. Cover/Accessories: 36x36x25 @ 191 LBS

16-ft Nomad Dome Interior
16-ft Nomad Dome Interior

We’re here to help!

We hope this comparison between the 16-ft. Nomad Dome and the 20-ft. Nomad Dome helps you along your purchasing journey.

We invite you to explore our short 5-part YouTube video series beginning with: “What Comes in a Geodesic Dome Kit?” Our Customer Support Reps are happy to answer your questions.


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