What are Domes? Advantages of Geodesic Dome Homes

“Geodesic Domes are known to be the strongest, lightest, most efficient shelter devised by man”.


What are Domes?

If you’re new to the concept of domes, you might be wondering, “What, exactly, is a dome?” To answer this question, let’s begin by introducing you to a few basic dome FAQ’s when it comes to dome archichitecture.

In architecture, a dome is defined as half of a hollow sphere that may serve as an ornate roof atop a building. It’s often used as a symbol of importance – such as, a domed roof over a place of worship, palace, government, theater or planetarium. Nonetheless, domes can be stand-alone shelter structures, as well.

What is a Dome Shelter?

Domes evolved from simple arches that were strung together for shelter. Dome shelters, such as the primitive tribal mud hut have been around since man’s earliest attempts to create refuge from the elements.

20-ft Prefab Dome Home
A 20-ft. diameter prefab dome can be assembled within a few days

What is a Geodesic Dome?

Ready to do a deeper dive into some geodesic dome FAQ’s? Geodesic refers to the shortest possible line between two points of a sphere or curvilinear surface. Geodesic domes represent humanities architectural advancement in the science of sacred geometry and technology that has evolved from round dome huts to monolithic geodesic structures – engineering marvels that promise to take humanity where no man has gone before.

R. Buckminster Fuller, father of the modern-day geodesic dome, received a gold-medal award from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in 1970 for his contribution in developing the geodesic dome.

The AIA citation reads… “The American Institute of Architects presents the 1970 Gold Medal, the highest honor it can bestow, to Richard Buckminster Fuller, engineer, inventor, mathematician, educator, cartographer, philosopher, poet, author, cosmogonist, industrial designer and architect, whose ideas, once considered visionary, have now received national and international acceptance. A man responsible for the design of the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space yet devised by man. A man who has used himself as a laboratory of human response, who has at all times concerned himself with the social implications of his discoveries, who has understood that real wealth is energy, and a man whose objective was humanity’s success in the universe.”

What is a Prefab Geodesic Dome?

20-ft dome home interior
With an open concept space, this 20-ft. dome home is light-filled and spacious 

prefab dome kit frame is made up of short, straight metal sections called struts that join together to form an interconnected triangular hub. In spite of being lightweight, the frame is strong enough to withstand high winds and earth shaking quakes.

Geodesic dome shelters are generally used as temporary or semi-permanent portable shelters for off-grid homes, greenhouses, event hosting, relief shelters or equipment storage. Frames last indefinitely, and the durable covers have been known to last over 20-years. Domes can be retrofitted to create a more permanent dwelling.

What is Sacred Geometry?

The basic building blocks of our entire Universe are based on mathematics and form. Found everywhere in Nature, the fundamental principles of Sacred Geometry extend from sound, light and form to the mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportions found in geodesic architecture.

Platonic Solids
The basic shapes of the Universe are the same shapes that are found in geodesic domes

Sacred Geometry has 5 possible Platonic solid configurations comprised of chords (straight lines or struts) that connect these points to form a sphere – and, the chords (straight lines or struts) that connect these points is what lends the geodesic dome its structural strength and energetic qualities.

To expand on this configuration… The icosahedron is defined as a platonic solid. Using the icosahedron and iterations of the icosahedron geodesic principal to smooth the profile, Pacific Domes shelters retain the geodesic quality – as well as, the attractiveness and strength of the sphere. Pacific Domes offers free downloadable overhead projectors for various dome sizes, empowering you to  design your dome.

What is Dome Frequency? 

In geodesic dome architecture, the term frequency refers to the number of pieces that each edge of the base figure is divided into. Using the icosahedron as an example, the face of the triangle is constructed by equally dividing each edge.

These new points are then, connected to divide the original triangle into 9 smaller triangles. Since the original edges were divided into 3 equal parts, we call this a 3-frequency dome.

dome frequencies diagram
Dome frequency diagram

A dome’s sphere-like appearance is ascribed to its higher frequencies. Dome frequency is commonly abbreviated as ‘v’; so, a 2-frequency dome is called a 2v; a 3-frequency dome is abbreviated as 3v; and, so forth.

The frequency is what lends the dome its strength. Typically, the smaller a dome is, the lower the frequency; the larger a dome is, the higher the frequency will be.

What’s meant by a Dome’s Energetic Qualities?

The ancient master-builders understood the energetic qualities of architecture. In building the pyramids and dome-shaped temples of worship, they used the mathematical principles of Sacred Geometry to augment certain energetic qualities.

In the study of the energetic qualities of architecture, it’s important to note that a pyramid concentrates energy, while a dome’s geodesic shape spreads energy from its concentrated center over a wider force-field, creating a harmonious and blissful sanctuary.

Why are people happier in a Dome Home?

Research has found that, much like a finely tuned musical instrument, the harmonic frequencies created by a dome’s geometrical patterns, resonate with unseen, soothing fields of energy that nourish the soul.

Utilizing the subtle blueprint of creation, these Zen-like dome dwellings nourish and recalibrate our natural environments, allowing us to experience natural states of harmony in our daily lives. 


 dome art studio
Retreat in your dome studio

You’ll love spending time doing what inspires, empowers and invigorates your Spirit. It doesn’t seem like work when you’re doing what you love to do.

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