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Sustainable Luxury Travel: Eco-Hospitality Lodging Stays (Part 1)

Promoting sustainable eco-tourism travel in support of the local communities we serve.” ― Pacific Domes, Inc.

Safari-style Eco-Shelter Dome Glamping
Who says if it’s sustainable it can’t possibly be luxurious? Welcome to the rapidly budding world of eco-hospitality lodging – Dome Glamping (glamorous camping).

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Cozy under the stars in a private glamping dome @ Parc Adventures Cape Jasuex, Canada

Fueled by eco-conscious travelers, like the millennial generation, Dome Glamping offers eco-hospitality lodging in some of the world’s most strikingly beautiful and pristine locations. Millennials and their values regarding responsible Earth stewardship are redefining luxury eco-shelter lodging by staying ahead of the trend − as the meaning of luxury moves towards experiences, rather than possessions. Visit Millennial Marketing for more information.

In a nutshell, responsible stewardship means that while we are remembering to minimize our environmental impact by preserving the uniqueness of travel destinations world-wide, we are respecting and supporting local communities and their lifestyles through our actions.

Sustainable eco hospitality luxury travel has three guiding principles:

  • environmentally friendly practices • protecting natural and cultural heritage
  • supporting local communities through employment − purchase of products.
Glamping Domes - Pacific Domes
Bright and cheery with a bay window, a skylight & windows @ Parc Adventures Cap Jaseux, Canada

Cap Jaseux − Domes, treehouses, suspended spheres, rustic cabins and outdoor adventure travel − everything to fulfill every grown up’s childhood dreams with irresistible packages to please anyone who wants to experience the outdoors.  Visit Cap Jaseux for more information.

Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux is unique in that it combines eco-tourism with a variety of specialized adventure travel activities for a grand individual, family or group outdoor experience. The producers and main partners of the site are Aerial Ropes Course, Inc. (AACJ), Parcours Adventures (Sea Kayaking, Sailing, Via Ferrata) and Super Sagamie (Restauration).

Parc Aventures − Cap Jaseux (:55 seconds)

Award-winning Pacific Domes, has been blazing the trail since 1980 with over 35 years of industry expertise.  Based in Ashland, Oregon, the dome manufacturer offers rapidly deployable Domes that are gorgeous works of geodesic engineering.