SIGGRAPH 2019: Immersive 360° Projection Theaters

This year’s ACM SIGGRAPH 2019 Conference – July 28th thru August 1st, held each year in Los Angeles, CA – brought together one of the world’s largest gatherings of attendees to view the latest innovative developments in computer graphics and immersive technologies. Founded in 1969, ACM SIGGRAPH is a thriving worldwide organization fueled largely by volunteers who share a love and passion for computer graphics, interactive mediums and techniques.

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The Dome//The Lab at Panorama

Siggraph 2019

The ACM SIGGRAPH community embraces a wide spectrum of international thought leaders – talented artists, researchers, developers, filmmakers, scientists, educators, business professionals and practitioners who come together in a collaborative spirit.  Learn more about educational opportunities and hands-on experiences here.

An Immersive Full-Dome Experience

When it comes to immersive-interactive technologies, it goes without saying that the optimal social venue begins with 360° Projection Dome Theaters. Domed projection screens provide the utmost viewing environment – the dome, itself provides the largest visual cinema format  – with an added interactive social element.

As real-life paradigm changers, highly immersive virtual environments (HIVE) projection domes are making a social impact with deeply humanizing and empowering ramifications. A truly spell-binding immersive visual and sound experience awaits visitors to a Projection Dome Theater experience!

Pacific Domes, in concert with its world-renowned partners, is proud to have been a major contributor in pioneering 360° immersive and interactive media techniques. Together, we create multi-sensory, interactive learning and entertainment experiences for large-scale events.

Geodesic-engineered building systems make perfect portable or permanent projection theaters. Pacific Domes patented Full-Dome Projection Liner is designed to give everyone the best seat in the house!

projection dome, 360 projection, projection mapping
HP’s 120′ (36m) Antarctic Dome at Coachella

Portability and ease-of-setup

Free-standing, portable dome kits are designed, manufactured and made-ready for rapid deployment to your site. Event Domes are commonly used as self-supporting on-the-road event structures or as semi-permanent or permanent buildings.

With 40-years of industry expertise, award-winning Pacific Domes has the vision and expertise to take your project to the next level.  Experienced team members are there to assist you each step-of-the-way from design concept to completion!

  • Sales and customer support works closely with you to offer complete event solutions – customized to your specific needs.
  • In-house design engineers are there to assist you with innovative ideas to optimize your 3D architectural renderings.
  • The manufacturing facility is meticulous in attention to geodesic-engineering detail.
  • Pacific Domes skilled on-the-road field-teams can handle installation and take-down, logistics, equipment rental, heating and air conditioning needs, flooring solutions, and projection needs for the ultimate projection dome theater experience!

Spark your imagination – Glean Ideas

We invite you to visit our Event Dome Gallery for ideas to spark your next spectacular event.